Looking ahead to 2017-2018 roster


I agree. I think the combination of high roster turnover makes it hard to immediately project us as top-25; but the high quality of the incoming replacements, plus returning Mo–who could be the top offensive big in the conference–gives us a pretty high ceiling. It’s a lot easier to project improvement for teams who are returning their stars, or bringing in a bunch of 5-star freshman. It does seem like we are a McIntosh/Cam Johnson away from deserving that presumptive respect, though; similar to how it would’ve been, if DJ returned.


I think we should give Livers the 4 spot in the beginning to see if he excels in that position since Duncan is best suited for a 6th man role. It is also important to note for the 2018-19 season (yes thats a long way to go) we will lose 4 players (assuming Moe goes pro) and it would be nice to have some assurance we won’t be completely without talent. Livers could fit into that GR3 role, just feeding off of the others and focusing on defense. If it doesn’t work out, start Duncan and go from there.


I wish DJ would have stayed but Cam Johnson would be close to equally as good, I think.

It’s a lot to ask of Livers, to step right in , but I have high hopes for that kid too! It just seems like it will probably take a year for Livers.


We could see some Wagner at the 4, especially since that is his projected NBA spot.


And watch him get destroyed.

He is an offensive 5 off the bench at the pro level anyway.


Offensively, no problem.

Defensively, I can’t imagine it.


I can’t even see it on offense. You take away his biggest advantage on offense, which is abusing the Ward, Haas, and Swanigan types off the bounce.


Good point. I was mostly imagining him as a catch and shoot 4 in the corner and his ability to handle the ball well enough, I think you are right though, putting a smaller and more athletic defender on him in the corner would make him so much less effective in terms of driving toward the hoop–which seemed like his bread and butter.


Talked about this in today’s post. Just don’t see Moe at the 4 as an answer. You’d probably rather get another guard or wing in the rotation than AD or JT and you would take away a lot of Moe’s advantages in quickness.


Is that really his biggest advantage? Or, would he have other big advantages with a small guy on him? Weren’t teams switching everything at the end of the season? I don’t know, but I think Wagner’s biggest advantage is Coach Beilein putting him in a position to succeed regardless the matchup. He’s blessed to have a coach that knows how to showcase his offensive skills.

On a side note, I expect Wagner to be a much improved passer next season. I think the ability is there.


Yes, his quickness against slugs like Ward and Haas is his biggest advantage on offense by far.




I think Robinson will exceed many expectations here. He’s a smart, guy with experience which can reduce shortcomings, especially in college ball.


Say Ignas doesn’t reclass or we don’t find a grad transfer, thoughts On looking at a regular transfer?


It’d have to be someone with at least 2-3 years of eligibility left after they sit out their transfer year and are better than our targets in the 18 class at that position. Seems unlikely


How would Mo be worse defenseively at the 4 than Duncan. If Teske or Davis are ready then I can see Mo getting solid minutes at the 4


Depends on the opposing four. Moe does not have great lateral quickness and I can see him getting roasted if the opponent has perimeter skills. Granted, Duncan is not a good defender but he would hold up better against stretch fours.

And you have to consider if Teske or Davis are ready to contribute. If they haven’t improved to the point of consistent contribution, Moe + Teske/Davis < Moe + Duncan on both ends of the floor.


I think the only way you would play Moe at the 4 next year is if Livers isn’t ready to contribute. If he is, I would rather see him get the backup 4 mins and Teske/Davis backing up at the 5.

Last year, Moe avg. 24 mins per game overall and 28 mins in conference games. If he can limit his fouls issues, he could probably play 30 mins a game but I don’t see him avg. more than that. I think asking Davis and/or Teske to play more than 10 mins combined might be expecting too much.

I guess the question is how many mins. can Livers handle next year. You have 80 combined mins at the 3/4 available. Can you have a 3 man rotation at those spots between Matthews, Duncan and Livers? The other option is Watson but obviously he’s an unknown as well.


I’m confident after thIs off-season that the 2016 class will be ready to go.it would make a lot of sense to redshirt teske this time but I doubt you see that either. Makes no sense though to have all 3 centers ready to go.