Kyree Walker reclassifying to 2019?

That’s crazy but I’ll take him

Is he good enough to step in and be that big guard for Michigan? :wink:

Edit: Actually, I guess he’s a pretty big SF, but very interesting, nonetheless!

I feel like we’re being used as a bargaining chip to increase their payola.

Well considering we’re on the same lists as these schools consistently nowadays, I am not sure that’s the case.

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He would change the depth and athleticism on the wing. Would be interesting, that’s for sure.

Another point of order, I don’t think he’d be eligible to play in games until Winter Semester classes start up (January 8), though I believe he’d be able to practice with the team before then … if my read of the rules is accurate, the first game he’d be eligible to play for UM would be the Jan 9 home game vs Purdue.


I believe as long as he is accepted and enrolled, he would be able to play in any games after the first semester is over

Well ok then

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He is obviously coming to Michigan and mad all those other schools were included.


I’d actually guess that he got feedback from one of them that a mid-year start isn’t an option or something like that. In other words, his love went unrequited and so he’s playing the “I broke up with you first” card.

Just a guess with no info.

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Doesn’t sound like anyone is sure who is involved here…WKU, AK, and Oregon mentioned here

Arkansas is the only consistent team. That’s notable.

Pretty sure that Western Kentucky has been involved for a long time. In the famous words of Jeff Goodman, you can never count out Slick Rick Stansbury