Kenpom #s After 3 games: Off: 5, Def: 46, Overall: 15

Hoops-math doesn’t break down into 5 second intervals, but it does show how many possessions are 10 seconds or less after rebounds, TOs, etc., and I believe it shows that UM has as many possessions under 10 seconds as some other teams that have faster overall pace.

It’s true that kenpom is now weighted with preseason projections, but (1) it’s projections based on returning players and history, right? and (2) that’s part of what will make the evolution interesting, at least for me. But good point to be cognizant of.

It isn’t that good. The offense and defense of the returning players figuring average improvement, which is fine; but he fills in lost minutes with like a 3 year average for the program, which is spotty.

In my opinion, Hanner is better early on.