Juwan Howard signs contract extension through 2025-26

Does any athletic department reveal these numbers?

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Not AFAIK. I’m sure some do in a way to pitch themselves or advertise themselves, but it isn’t common.

Hope he got a significant raise.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that he did.


The news I was waiting for! Delighted!

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that puts him 4th or 5th in the B1G?

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He’s making less than Fred Hojberg…

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Called it. They blew it.


If BQ’s right that’s a not what I was hoping for, but hopefully Juwan is happy.

It’s all chaffe-worthy.

If true, can’t say I’m surprised at the short-term thinking.

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I say to myself: “They’re young they’re young…”. Fair. So, over my emotional vomiting, I just want them to evolve.

Juwan would be the type to take less to get more for his assistants IMO :wink::grinning:

I would be the type of AD to just keep on pointing that money cannon at him, seeing as I would always remember how foolish I feel for considering Ed Cooley

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Manuel just needs to practice saying the following: “Whatever the offer, I’ll beat it.”

Has the “why hasn’t he been extended” concern been replaced by “why wasn’t he offered more?” (Even though he signed the offer?)

Naw, just being greedy. Very happy w the extension.

Potentially. We’ll see how it goes.

Should Howard get fired during this contract year, Michigan would owe him $5 million. That figure decreases by $1 million each of the next four years. If Howard were to leave this year, he’d owe Michigan $2.5 million. That figure decreases by $500,000 each of the next four years.

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