Ibi Watson Transferring


I never once said he should transfer after his freshman year. Only when this season ended (2 year sample size) and know what the make up of the team next year, did I think it would be “best for Ibi” to look for a better situation “if he chooses”.

But, come one, looking at the roster (unless Matthews declares for the NBA) you can not honestly believe he was going to play any more minutes than he played this season??

Loved when we signed the kid from the Columbus area… just didn’t work out here. I hope he has great success in his future.


Good luck Ibi…we’ll be watching!

Thanks for making the team better!


While Watson wasn’t expected by anyone to start or play a big role next season, he still would’ve gave us some much needed depth and experience on the wing.

I wonder how the minutes will be divvied up, particularly at the 2 spot, if we don’t land a grad transfer for next season.


Brooks, DeJulius and perhaps Matthews.


I think Brooks is the most likely candidate as the backup 2


I’ve seen some very classy and thoughtful comments here and on the main page on the blog. It’s one big reason why I like it here. Other online cesspools, however, would do well to think of Ibi’s transfer as one last thing he’s doing for the benefit of his teammates. I doubt he wanted to break up the Drip Boys. Someone had to fall on the sword, we all knew that. This should be seen as a very selfless act. The easy move would be to stay.


When it comes to players transferring out this is one that I’m really going to be interested in following. Probably up there with Aubrey. When it came to Kam most of us figured he was going to do well with Bacari and he did. I think we all could have predicted Ricky Doyles impact and have been pretty close. We all could have called Donnals contribution when he went to Clemson and hit it on the head. Dawkins and Ibi totally throw me when it comes to what they’ll become at a different level. But I’m hoping for the best. Best of luck to a great kid.


I think that Ibi Watson has the chance to be a really good player if he ends up in the MAC somewhere. I also think it is probably really hard to go through two years in a program and never be able to crack 6 minutes per game. Kid deserves an opportunity to play and I think he’ll land on his feet in a great spot.


I can see Poole spend some time at 3, with Brooks/DD at 2. Or Mathews moves down to 2, and Iggy/Johns/Livers at 3/4.
It all depends who is too good to be kept on the bench.


… This is why a guy like Mooney is such an intriguing piece to me.


IMO, Ibi could find solid minutes on an average BIG team, but unfortunately he had Mathews in front of him, and now Iggy comes in next season. His best chance was last season if he could beat freshman Poole for back-up minutes, but Poole was too talented.


Thankfully we have not had any people here saying he did not want Michigan to beat Houston based on the 1 second of his reaction they saw immediately after Poole’s shot :roll_eyes:


LOL. Now that is quite a take. Good grief.


Perhaps. I think he’d be best served to go down a level and show out, but that’s just me. (And given the current state of things, there could be bigger options for him 2 years down the road as a grad transfer.)


I fully expect Ibi Watson to end up at Indiana under Archie Miller who recruited him back at Dayton, where Ibi will play a nice role in Indiana’s 2019-2020 Big Ten Championship team


My first thought was Nebraska. Maybe even Illinois.


Does Butler have room? I think that would be an interesting fit.


Good athlete but mid major at best talent, wish him well wherever he lands. Does he have to sit no matter where he goes?


Quite a lot was being read into that take, which could have been something as the light catching his eyes in a odd way. Thankfully, Beilein does not seem like the paranoid type.


I definitely wouldn’t say mid major at best talent. I think he’d do fine on a lower half power conference team.