How Michigan can attack switches more effectively in rematch vs. Michigan State

Given the analytics and today’s game, it seems the focus is more on the three ball with Teske than post up plays. Post up clogs the middle and is counter to the spread offense. TESKE will have a much better chance at the NBA if he can’t hit the three and run the high post action vs, the post up game.

The content on this site is insane. An admirable attention to detail and all things Hoops. It’s why I love this game. UMhoops would be a great read for even the non-Michigan fan. Just have to appreciate analysis like this :slight_smile:


Will MSU stick with this switching strategy for the rematch? Or maybe make Michigan spend all week preparing for it and then just go back to their familiar base defense?

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Will they or won’t they throw into the post on switches has obviously been talked about a ton.

In all honesty, I’d love to see them make it a point to throw into the post early in the game, not necessarily to score (yes obviously the point), but to see if Teske can get a quick foul or two on Winston in the post.

Winston in foul trouble ends this game in a hurry. Get a quick foul on him down low, even if MSU doubles quick, and that switching strategy is overwith quick.

I’d also like to see us make Cassius Winston work defensively. If they switch everything and JB counters with isolations, I think it would pay off in the long run to get a desired switch with Winston’s man and make him expend significant energy guarding. Iggy straight line drives and Teske post ups in particular I think could be effective and wear Cash down as the game extends