GVSU Game Thoughts

Beilein’s offense takes time to learn, some are ahead of curve, some are slower. But i will give adantages to veterans over newbies. Yes, Brooks game is more mature and yet he is the oldest of three, born in 5/98, Livers 8/98, and born in 6/99, Poole is young for his class just like Levert. There is no need to be down on Poole after less than one month of practice.


I did not know that Brooks was over a year older than Poole. I’m excited for the future of all 3 of our freshman.

I think Poole will be fine in the long run. He needs time in the weight room and time to mature mentally. Brooks carries himself like a veteran; Poole looks like a true freshman.


I am not down on Poole at all. I just think it is premature, at this point, to assume any of the news guys will be frontrunners for any position next year because this class was a hit and next years class is probably going to be very good.

I do agree that being a year younger can make a huge difference in physical maturity and general strength. I believe in Poole big time over the long term.

I do look at next years incoming class and I see guys who are already very physically mature. There is going to be a lot of competition for spots I think. It is a good thing.

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Please don’t ever post the actual dates of birth again…I feel so old now.


I honestly think Jordan Poole is a better player than Ibi Watson. Has a better handle, is a better passer/creator and they both can shoot it really well. I think the only thing keeping him off the floor now is his ability to pick up the offense quickly and his defense. It seems Ibi is a more focused defend early on but I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to click for Jordan later in the year in practice. He is certainly the future at Michigan at the 2 spot.

I feel Eli will be a great college player but a permanent reserve that understands his role as a 2/1 and is okay with that. Kinda like spike.

I feel David Dejulius will start at PG next season. Zavier is a great defender and passer but thats about it. when he’s in the lane he shot always gets blocked and he cant shoot. David is a strong guard that can get in the lane and can shoot the lights out.

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I agree with your first paragraph, the other two not so much.


Next seasons starting lineup:

David Dejulius
Jordan Poole
Charles Matthews( If hes not in the NBA) if so Ignas
Isaiah Livers
Jon Teske

I can’t see it Dejulius coming in and learning a new offense to get ahead of Zavier and Brooks.


If Matthews and Wagner somehow return that team will be so damn deep next year

Dejulius will be lucky to see minor minutes next year. I like what he will eventually bring to the table but high school to college will be an adjustment. Learning the offense and playing defense will be 1 and 1A in determining his role next year.

No offense but I think you’re gonna be in the huge minority on that opinion. If Brooks is a great college player like you suggested than he will start over freshman Dejulius.

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I agree that Eli could start. he will be very good. I still think Dejulius is better than Zavier. especially offensively

DeJulius starting, IMO, is unlikely. Simpson and Brooks will be ahead of him with lots of experience under his belt. Brooks will be a very good college player, has all the tools and smarts. If anyone beats out Z, it will be him.

Ibi has come a long way since last season. Very athletic. Had a nice pull up jumper in the exhibition and can rebound his position. Main question is whether he can consistently hit threes. Hit one in the first game. Not enough data yet. Poole might have a good handle, but he’s slightly built and may have a steep learning curve. There’s reason that he didn’t play until the last minute.


But what was the reason?

I don’t know the exact reason, but, if he was better than Ibi, he would have played.

Better than, or was Beilein sending a message?

The message was: get better, cause right now Ibi is better than you.


Could certainly be true, but don’t they kinda play different positions? I thought Ibi was more a 3 and Poole a 2.

Poole is playing the 3 this year. The 2 may be his long term position, but Beilein doesn’t like having freshmen trying to learn multiple positions in his complicated scheme

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