GVSU Game Thoughts

Was there any sort of post game with JB after yersterday? I’d be curious to hear his answer to his plans for Poole

Yes, video on the front page.

Don’t think there was much discussion of Poole other than a few mentions in relation others.

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I went to the game.

Matthews will play as many minutes as he can handle. I don’t see anybody on the team that will take minutes from him. Best athlete, best defender, No 2, 3, or 4, with better offensive game, what would be the motivation to sit him?

Turnaround jumper really impressed me. Appears to be a very tough shot to defend with his length, jumping ability, and the way he extends his arms when he shoots.

I can see why Coach Beilein calls him a mix of GRIII and Hardaway. Closer to Hardaway imo, though he doesn’t have the range. His demeanor though seems closer to GRIII.

Obviously the atmosphere was exhibition level, but it was good to see the listed attendance was higher than a couple Big Ten games last season.

In the second half, he took a pull up jumper near the free throw line and it looked like he was 4 feet off the ground. Dude can get up.

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I doubt anyone redshirt this year.

So if Mathews does not continue to play he did, and Watson, Livers, and Poole play like they never have, Mathews won’t get his minutes.

I mean, what’s the point of anyone predicting anything if this is the standard?

If Tim Hardaway Jr. goes through the Face/Off surgery to become Brett Hibbits’ twin but retains his physical ability that also would eat away at Mathews’ minutes.

Beilein flowed the offense through Mathews. If he thought Ibi Watson would knock him off his perch, I doubt he’d do that.

Could it happen? Sure.


I wasn’t making a prediction, moreso stating what was self evident watching the game. Matthew’s is far and away the best wing on the team.

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I’m not trying to be mean, but I think your post just gave me cancer.


Welp, that was blunt lol

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Sorry, that came off super nasty - worse than I intended.

Need to moderate myself.

1 exhibition in and somebody is speculating a transfer :roll_eyes:

If Poole doesn’t want to redshirt then he definitely shouldn’t transfer cause that would literally be benching himself for a season.

absolute ridiculous speculation

Poole is in a tough position this year, but there will be a lot of minutes for competition next season at 2, and Poole is going to be the front runner.

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Well right now a different freshman is beating him for the backup 2 minutes so I wouldn’t say it’s a given that he’s the favorite next year.

I am extremely surprised Poole’s the odd man out right now. I could see JB handling Poole’s situation similar to how he did with Levert his freshman year where they try a redshirt until we find ourselves in a spot where we need him or he proves too valuable to keep out. That year worked out okay for Caris in the long run of his UM career


Right now Poole is at the 3, so he’s behind Ibi. Next year if Poole is able to move to the 2 his only competition for minutes will be Brooks (who will also play PG), Nunez, and maybe Ibi but that might be a stretch at this point.

  • Nunez and/or Brazdeikis

Brazdeikas is not going to be playing the 2


that remains to be seen. he definitely has the skills.