Goodbye 2010s - an incredible decade for UMhoops

That was a special game. VCU was a popular pick to advance that year, and we ran them out of the gym with pro-level efficiency, followed by highlight play after highlight play. I’ve watched the highlights of that game at least a dozen times.


Yeah, I went to that VCU game at the Palace. The whole game was a blast. Michigan just ran them out of the gym.

Without question, their win over Purdue in the 2017 B1G tournament in Washington, DC. I had just lost a college buddy of mine at the age of 44. We were both CMU grads but U-M fans, watching the Fab Five in our dorms and throwing things at the TV during the “Timeout game”. We enjoyed the rise of the program again under Belein but then experienced the Louisville debacle. He stated then, “Being a U-M fan will break your heart, but it’s not like you can stop.” My wife and I flew out the same day U-M’s plane overshot the runway, and I believe me, that was the worst day I’ve ever flown in in my life. So, down 2 to Purdue with 20 seconds left and Purdue at the line. I’m not a spiritual man, but I did silently ask my late buddy at that point, “Well, old friend, are they breaking our hearts today?” If he makes both, it’s over…but MISSED the front end! Irvin jabs, dips, drives, scores! OT! From there, I was numb, but I knew I was howling throughout OT because I could barely speak the next day (and the next and the next because they…kept…winning…) I will never forget that game. They didn’t break our hearts, old friend, not that day.


Some great memories in this thread. One of my favorites is Austin Hatch’s story, including being at the game where he scored his free throw and his senior night.


Detroit and Michigan sports had a pretty abysmal decade. M B-ball was one for the few athletic bright spots for me in this decade. Other than a couple years of dealing with injury issues, the decade was very enjoyable and reliable. Here’s to trying to top it in the 2020s!

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I was always high on Walton and when the light came on for him at the end of his senior year and he started playing on fire that was one of my great memories of the decade.


Of all the sports teams I follow, this was the best evolution for any team in a ten year period. Not only did the team come to life but so did this board through Dylan’s efforts. Well done and congratulations to you and your team!

When I first started following UM basketball there was not one single place I could find content and the inside scoop, I found it right here 12 years ago. I’ve been following JB for over 30 years and watched him build culture after culture with the same results but never on the big stage. He transformed this program into one of the best in the country while staying compliant with the rules and recruiting kids that fit his program.

Turning point for me we was Novak and Douglas. To me the program turned on a dime when he started to get buy in from 3 star kids who played above their potential. JB got them to believe because he believed in them. The rest is history but these kids developed and overachieved. He plucked 3 and 4 star kids without ever having a McD all American while going to 2 National Finals. I’ve always loved the underdog and watching the kids grow and get better…the best ten years of Hoops entertainment in my life.


Bleed Blue!


Dear John Beilein,

If you are still a Patreon subscriber to UMhoops then I assume you have been reading this lovely thread and are enjoying it as much as we are. Can I ask you a favor? For old times sake could you share a favorite moment of yours with us? Most of us have already have heard your re-telling of that crazy night where the guys went out to get those sub sandwiches—haha. (Don’t get me wrong it was a great story.) Do you have another story you might have that you would like to share? Perhaps a story we have not heard before? I think that it would be cool to hear from you in this thread to cap off an awesome decade.


Thanks for the link, I must have missed that game. I also checked out Zack’s highlights on YouTube and had completely forgotten what a great form shooter and incredible passer he was. He made lefty passes with more English than Simpson does right-handed!


The elite 8 blowout against Florida is special for me. Clinching a Final Four spot after the program had been down for so many years was pretty surreal. It was like a day long coronation but easily the most nervous I have ever been with a 20 point lead.


Before this last decade, we’d go into MSU games and the expectation was L. It’s other way around now, for me at least. I love watching Izzo sweat and scream like a baby :baby: :baby_bottle:

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Crashed Champions

I think the 2017 Big 10 tournament run meant the most to me. I remember being in my office seeing the “Breaking News” that the Michigan Men’s Basketball plane had been involved in a crash and being completely sick and confused. The best news was the reports that “everyone is safe.” Watching that game in practice jerseys was just a day to be thankful they were on the court. It was incredibly emotional and I don’t think any of us cared for a second what the scoreboard said that day. For those kids to come back and go on the run they did will forever be special and absolutely unbelievable. You can’t say enough about how coach Beilein, his staff, Warde Manuel, the rest of the administration and especially the players handled things. In hindsight I think this story became a bit lost and underrated by the fury of March Madness. To me it’ll always be the most amazing thing I’ve seen a team accomplish.