Game 9: Michigan at Northwestern Recap


I do not watch much NW basketball so I am making a big assumption. It just appears to me that Law fouls a lot when he does not need to. I think the commenters were noting that he is an “emotional player” in that regard…I could be wrong…I think the primary reason auto bench is great as a policy because it forces players to try to be more disciplined in terms of avoiding fouls in the first place. Auto bench leads to healthier defensive habits over time, I think. If any coach institutes an auto bench policy then, by my theory, the players will be less prone to foul…

If it is in fact true that Law could be more disciplined with regard to fouling then he would be the type of player that would most benefit from Collin’s instituting an auto bench policy.


The article doesn’t mention the bonus, shooting vs non-shooting fouls, other conditional probabilities such as propensity to foul given current foul count. You could build a much more complex model.


Look who is the lead on Brian’s UV today!


Thanks for the tip, hadn’t seen that!