Game 8: Michigan at Louisville Recap

I see signs of progress. He’s definitely taken steps from last year. He should be fine.

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This was the game I pretty much expected after the amazing Bahamas run. They were bound to regress on offense. But then you add on the fact that it is a quick turnaround after all the travel and games. Lastly they were on the road against the #1 team in the country.

This loss did not concern me at all. It was bound to happen. Now they just need to regroup and handle all the rest of their games in December and we will be in great shape going into the heart of the conference season.

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You definitely focus on the three guys that need to step up their games as the season goes on for this team to compete for a conference title.

Franz in particular, I think, is getting a tough lesson on the quality of big time college hoops. The injury clearly set him back and now it is time for him to respond, which I believe he eventually will. He is too skilled and too motivated to bet against him.

Castleton just needs to continue increasing size and strength which will only happen over time.

As for Johns, he looks like he has so much physical potential but it is just not coming together for him yet. Hopefully there is a DJ-like light bulb that goes on for him at some point, but I had hoped to see more progress by this point.

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I haven’t watched the game yet but it sounds like the D was still solid which is encouraging. Yes they lost by 13 but i’m sure others will get smashed by more this year at the hand of Louisville. Rest up, get ready for Iowa and continue to play great D, offense will come back around. Got faith in this squad and Coach Howard and the staff

Franz Wagner’s introduction to college hoops is going to be Iowa State, North Carolina, Gonzaga, @Louisville, Iowa, @Illinois and Oregon. That’s ridiculous. I can’t wait for the kid to get a couple guarantee games at the end of the month!


I was at the Yum last night with a surprisingly large contingent of UM fans for a midweek game. Pretty much the outcome I anticipated, as I’ve seen UL consistently manhandle the best teams in the country there with the thrust of that ravenous crowd behind them over the years. Bahamas aside, that venue as the first true road game with meaningful minutes for the balance of the roster is one onerous task. Borderline inhumane!


Will end up being a good experience going into Big Ten play. Without this one, first road game against a top top team is MSU. Probably best to have some things to work on after that run in the Bahamas.


Rotations are more mental than physical usually. I think Johns’s athleticism really stands out on rebounds, he goes and gets balls that I feel like I’ve seen a lot of our guys try to tip out in the past. When he moves with confidence in the right spot I’m really impressed. I think i’m hoping he becomes a guy you can’t leave on the three point line who is a menace on the boards and is a tough defender on traditional 4s. No reason he won’t get there that I can see. Hope he gets some triples to fall at some point this year.