Game 7: North Carolina at Michigan Recap


Yeah, i’m definitely in that club too. Johns is the 8th man we’re looking for…and his progress and Brooks’ will potentially take us next level. Of course, I don’t think Poole is playing up to his potential either… This team does have another gear yet.


Michigan basketball: Ignas Brazdeikis’ star keeps rising after UNC win


Looks like he has a veteran’s hat too. :slight_smile:


Gotta love Black Griffin in the bottom right corner


Black Griffin is the best


Finally got around to watching the entire game. My summary:

  1. Michigan has a tough time with NC’s speed during the first 10 minutes.

  2. Starting with Z’s steal, UM played brilliantly until the end of the first half.

  3. NC mailed it in during the 2nd half.

Really that’s about it. Honestly it was a tough setup for NC because of their Vegas tournament. I think they were a little tired going in. Add in a surprisingly enthusiastic Crisler crowd. Also, NC was probably a little overconfident after last year’s blowout. So when they realized that this year’s UM team was much better, they just collapsed. And the decision to pull all the starters didn’t really help things.

Pretty amazing, great performances from all of the starters. I love this team.


Hey, if that’s something I said, I’ve been meaning to post a mea culpa. 720 on a laptop sucks - thanks BTN Plus!

Simpson looked too light there, but my feed just sucked. It looks like he kept his strength and is a much leaner, body efficient player this year. Instead of thinking he lost muscle, I’m blown away by the obvious work he put into transforming his body in the offseason to be that much more effective. I realized this as soon as we were back on actual television.

He sent Johns to the scorers table with a little over a minute left and when he realized there wouldn’t be a stoppage until 30 seconds or less, he pulled him back. Sometimes it can be insulting to be put in the game solely to watch someone else dribble the clock out.

As one who knows, yes


Meh, I know UNC as well as I know any non UM program and the story of the game is they got rattled and broken. The electric defense we played - even hedges yielded only the briefest split seconds of opportunity - destroyed them. UNC’s offense is supposed to create opportunities with their motion, ball movement, cutting, pass, replace and rub and those opportunities were non-existent. They were set up by playing a team that is much much much better than they are at this point in the season.