Game 7: North Carolina at Michigan Recap


That’s true but he had the look of a .60 shooter last night. Not a fan of the little hitch he has in his foul shot


What was our O/U on 40% 3pt shooters? 0.5 or 1.5? Here we are, November, and we’ve almost got 4.
Livers, Brooks, Poole and Iggy (38.9).


Lots of good stuff here, I’ll just add a couple thoughts:

Teske is a really smart player, offensively and defensively. Excellent passer – great backdoor passes to Iggy – excellent timing and angles on offense, and it reminds me of how his high school team used him as a de facto PG. On D he uses his feet and height so well, excellent positioning.

Brooks has better than a 2:1 assist/TO ratio, and Poole is almost at that. That’s pretty good. Both also have a pretty even split between made 3s and 2s and are shooting 41% from 3. Poole is averaging double digits and Brooks is shooting 57% on 2s and averaging 6 a game. And they’re both playing good defense. Pretty good from sophomore starting 2g and back up combo.

As mentioned, suddenly we have 3 guys hitting over 40% from 3 (Livers (57%!) plus Iggy at 39%. And we’re shooting 35% overall, same as last year. We will probably not be a great shooting team this year with Simpson and Matthews - although even with them, if they get their feet set and have time it’s at least a decent shot - but it’s looking fairly good that shooting won’t be a huge anchor this year.


Who was the tall ball-headed official last night and what is his background ? This is the 2nd time I’ve noticed him refereeing one of our games this year and I just think he makes some horrendous calls against both clubs. I’ve also seen Coach Beilein about lose his mind after a couple of his calls.


Maybe it was because I was a bit overconfident in how our guys were playing but I found myself wondering last night why JB didn’t try and get DD and Johns some spot minutes earlier than end of game just to give them a taste of the action. I’d want him to tell DD not to jack it of course but put them in right before a tv timeout.


Did you see North Carolina cut it to 11?


The way you worded it didn’t make it sound like you didn’t believe he was though. He was never considered a plodding big man in his recruitment or at all during his time at Michigan.


Love this quote from Yaklich:

When Yaklich walked down the hall in the locker room, he began demonstrating the proper defensive stance for recruits and his face turned red as he barked out instructions.

“Don’t scare him off, Coach,” Brazdeikis said with a chuckle.

Any idea what recruits were there?


FT continues to be the sore point, but Matthews is actually improving.


I did but there was a lot of time prior to that with some cushion where I thought there was a chance. No offense to Eli but if DD comes along a bit quicker than he is I think we’d be better off in the long run.


Tar Heel blog is pretty awful. Zero good writers. The blog/forum scene for UNC basketball is very poor all around. There’s used to be a really good analysis focused blog called The Secondsry Break but it died off.


DD has not shown anything yet to earn trust in this kind of the game, and you didn’t want to give any chance for Cody White to get hot, and we need more cushion to end the game given our problem to convert FTs.


Insanely rare for any team-focused blog to be good, they are usually just an outlet for homerism and the actual good writers leave ASAP (Chris Vannini for example). The Michigan fanbase is blessed with two of them though. Probably the best for each respective sport.


Zeb Jackson.


Is that Jackson’s dad and does he have a European carryall?


Iggy is the real deal, very impressive, especially against the athletes NC has.



For all my fellow pro wrestling fans: His dad is an absolute dead-ringer for Teddy Long.


I’m not as worried about free throw shooting as others. Hopefully not many games Iggy and Poole will go 2-6. Teske and Simpson are the glaring weaknesses, and % will be down when they shoot a lot, but Matthews is serviceable…63% last night, and 70% since the first game. At end of games, we can game plan like last year to give Poole more ball handling.


I think you’re right. Hopefully they’re things that we are not seeing in practice with Johns but i think he’ll a huge piece to have come middle of the season. It’s been said that Coach B’s system is one of the hardest to pick up in college basketball. Think of the struggles of some of the guys before Johns, like Mitch McGary. took him a minute but when he got it it was a thing of beauty to watch that big man run the floor.