Game 5: Michigan vs. Iowa State Recap

Also Teske third and ”fifth” foul…

As many people have pointed out, if this team cuts down on the turnovers it could be very very good. Coming into the year I had very high hopes as did most others I think we’re seeing the possibilities. Just scratching the surface too that’s what’s scary.

Great depth and lots of guys who can step up and drop 10 or more in a pinch. Shooters all over. Still waiting for the real johns to step up. He has the ability to be a inside out force but he’s just so passive. At some point he’s going to be a playmaker/ pick and pop force but maybe it will be a junior break out like eli,

Dejulius, Franz, eli, livers, Nunez can all make you pay from three, teske at times too. Colin and Johns had the ability in high school. Good times , great years ahead.


rim rum? very fitting given where the game was played, no need to be fixed

honestly the best Davis I have seen, he deserves a mojito after the game


Rim runner gets the rum!

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This guy was doing a lot of rim running then… :joy: