Game 30: Nebraska at Michigan Open Thread

Yes, that doesnt help matters.

Aaaaand another…

Yeah because he looked as he should have been playing verse Wisconsin and OSU he looked horrible because he is not healthy.

It’s really frustrating that this is probably the health level Livers will be at the rest of the season

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This offense makes my hair hurt at times…and I’m bald…


nothing to do with the structure if the offense, everything to do with guys not being able to make shots

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We make wide open jumpers look like Dikembe Mutombo is defending them.

Pretty putrid half court O so far. Have generated very few easy 2s

I mean the shooting and general apparent force field around the basket…sure the offense is sound technically, but this team goes through these draughts that are just killer.

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Aaaaaaaaaand another

Doesn’t help that X is riding the bench. On senior day! PUT HIM IN THE GAME!

Thank you Eli

Wow the mask is working!

Livers been off as of late…hope he gets back on track.


I’ve revised my expectations of this team. I would now be surprised if they won a Tourney game. Just can’t make noise with Livers playing like this and I don’t think it’ll get better this year

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I’d have to see those posts.

This retort is getting old, I’m sure, but nowhere near as old as all the negativity from posters during the game that requires the response.


Aaaaaand anotherahhh…

Livers can’t buy anything today.