Game 28: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

The offense was good, entirely because of X and some Franz. His scoring so many points had nothing to do with giving up 80 points.


They were willing to give up the lanes to not give up the three and z saw no one on their roster could contain him. I was actually happy with that decision cause it was clear no one could stay in front of him. If we defended better or they cooled off even a little we win.


The problem with Michigan’s home crowd is they are only loud if things are going very well. If you’re down at all they don’t do anything.


Yeah, that’s what I mean. Not that it’s bad for him to score, but when he’s looking to shoot every time down it’s usually because we’re not getting much from other guys. Wagner stepped up but those two were about it.

2014 was only six years ago and I don’t think we’ve played them every year in Value City since then, considering how Big Ten scheduling goes.


Credit to Wisconsin. They played great. I do think Juwan made some major tactical mistakes playing big to start, having Davis out there with Potter and waiting way too long to finally go small.

Didn’t help that DeJulius and Johns were both subpar tonight but I don’t think Juwan did them any favors with the lineups for the majority of the game.

Livers was kind of exposed too. Good shooter but when he was forced to put it on the floor, his attempts were very low percentage and he couldn’t handle their guards at all when he got switched.

We made some great runs but Wisconsin answered every time. Thought Simpson and Wagner played outstanding. Brooks was sorely missed.

We definitely need more guards. I know a lot of people crave the big lineups but I will take a smaller lineup over a big one any day.


I feel like I see Johns make a nasty drive and dunk once per game. Why can’t we see more of that?

This game means so little in the grand scheme of the season. Sometimes teams shoot 50% from three on you. It happens. Barely a blip to the tournament committee. I loved Michigan’s fight. I thought Juwan’s late game coaching was a positive and that it was light years ahead of where it was earlier this season. Still not loving some of the lineups though. Would’ve been nice to make some clutch free throws and steal a win, but oh well. ¯\(ツ)/¯ Time to move on and beat OSU.


Davis and Nunez’ minutes pretty much killed us tonight. Wisconsin did seem to make all the plays they needed to make, but take out the runs when either of those two were on the court and the game looks a lot different, it seems.


Johns confuses me. Not giving up on him but deff not as high on him as others.

Love him as an energy bench guy, not in love with him as a starter. We saw how Livers’ recovery impacted everyone else’s roles in a positive way. That was undone tonight. Shouldn’t be a problem once Brooks returns.

Probably because karma does not exist.


Matchups dictate lineups, of course. I’ve never been one to clamor for the big lineups, but it was useful against Rutgers.

Agree with this post entirely. We looked flat right from the start but it felt like a lot of that was due to guys not being comfortable. I’m not surprised a big like Juwan prefers the bigger lineup but I haven’t liked it much at all and especially not against that Wisconsin lineup tonight. Kills us not having another guard with Brooks out (besides ddj) but I would have much prefered keeping Franz as a 3 and Livers as a 4 for the majority of the game and then moving them as substitutions dictated it.

I don’t think Wisconsin would’ve been fazed by the crowd anyway. When the crowd was at its loudest, Trice would either hit a contested three, or our defense would break down. At a certain point I started dreading the crowd getting loud because they’d shut us up every time.

I don’t think it’s right to blame the students on this one, especially considering it’s midterm season

There wasn’t a ton we could do lineup wise. We literally only had 2 guards who were healthy and capable of playing

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It’s interesting that Wisconsin shut down the PNR and the PNP significantly. For the folks down on X, he scored a career high with very good percentages and a number of tough baskets. It’s easy to see what Dylan has said all season - he is elite at creating offense for others. Tonight Wiscy iced the perimeter shots, and we missed a bunch of easy 2’s so X didn’t get the assists. Yet he still got 6 with only 1 TO. Livers was handcuffed. Further proves if X doesn’t create offense for others they pretty much can’t do it themselves, except Wagner. Once again an opposing player had a near career night. Despite all that, if we could just hit critical FTs we are down 1 under a minute. Stop blaming X minor flaws. The supporting cast, including what some think is our best player (Livers) let us down. Livers played 38 mins so don’t blame the leg.

Edit: Livers was 3/10. He got shots but didn’t hit them. Credit to Wiscy for hitting theirs, whether open or not.


For his size I don’t think he is super athletic no.