Game 25: Michigan at Penn State Recap

Not trying to create a back and forth about the number of days off between games lol… but Michigan played Tuesday night, is off today (Wednesday), tomorrow, and Friday, then play again Saturday at noon.

We just have to move on. It’s easy to just rip into X and Teske for the bad game but Winston and Ward had a worse game in Sparty’s loss to Illinois. Winston even had more turnovers than X had in the PSU game. Stuff happens. We can’t let this 1 loss become 2 in a row.

I’ve been railing about this for about five games. It’s the one thing that makes me real nervous about us finding our footing and reaching our potential.

I think your last paragraph should be a required piece of text on virtually any complaint after a loss.

And I also think you have a point. Z is the only quality passer on the team, and he’s only good rather than great. Teske is ok, but his opportunities are limited since he doesn’t post up; Poole and Matthews are neither particularly good nor particularly frequent as passers.

And Iggy is a black hole.

I generally give Simpson a pass on his drives. He’s not the most effective driver but if he takes a shot it’s usually a decent choice. Those quick kick-outs aren’t the easiest to see. However, the other guys that attack the basket generally won’t kick out at all.

I think its a combo of things… Simpsons is dribbling more, our screens are not as good, our cuts are not as good, the passes are not on point all of which are leading to an offense that does not resemble what it did earlier in the season.

It does not help that it seems Poole has lost his dribble penetration confidence and teams have adjusted to both Charles and Iggy in taking away their dominant hand whenever possible.

Ball movement is the key and its simply not moving.