Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Recap


Yes, but to be fair he hadnt played much at all and it was a tight game. He probably was scared to throw up his first shot in a while ( maybe all Game?) on a critical possession. Still needs to and I want him to have confidence to take but I bet he misses it.


I’ll admit I over-reacted a bit because of giving up 7 pts in the last minute vs. scoring 0. But, I didn’t say he didn’t try to play to win or that he “threw” the game. He is usually calm in the presser, but he didn’t even discuss poor play or breakdowns in last minute or the team coming unraveled - which led to my comments. Coach B has been talking about growth from a loss for a while now. And he covered it in the post-game as well - which led to my comments.


I can see why he might hesitate. I like his shot, if he’s set I think it’s going in regardless of situation. Hopefully in the film room they’re telling him to take that look next time.


It’s more likely that he sensed the loss coming. He knows this team better than anyone, so it’s not that far-fetched. He was clearly coaching to win though.