Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread

Cmon brooks

They’re not gonna miss all these bunnies all day…

Davis 4 and 2
Happ 2 and 1


Eli Brooks’ ppp on drives has to be frightening.

I have to stream game on ESPN via a Roku today and I thought no I am 10 secs behind. :disappointed:

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Ive seen that same to from him all too often.

At the game screaming at them to only let Poole and X run offense

All he has to change is not pick up his dribble.

Cord cutter here. 10 seconds behind is my life these days. Still the right decision for me, but it does change how I live post here a bit.

Time for Iggy to get going.

Someone tell Charles that there’s a draft analyst there.


Sorry guys, couldn’t resist this historic moment.


Okay enough get Teske back in

Iggy 2/12 from three in the past 5 games including today.

First Wisconsin turnover.

Fk this pro talk call the damn game


There’s something up with this court, both teams have slipped an absurd amount of times.

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Ice skating out tgere

Hockey game

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