Game 16: Rutgers at Michigan Open Thread

Thought that was the one for Harper

Could have had a second foul on that hack on Hunter.

That’s disgusting. Dickinson had position for a good 3 seconds before he was run over.


Austin’s time to shine.

So sloppy, slow it down

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There is no reason for Livers to ever pass up a look like that


I dislike the vibes that this game is giving me right now


Not a good game to start turning it over again. Rough start on offense

Sloppy start for Michigan on offense. Two misses inside for Hunter Dickinson and three turnovers in the first four minutes.

Rutgers leads 7-4 at the U16.

Smith doesn’t need to second guess that three

Refs trying to keep Rutgers in it. Yeah, I’m salty. :slight_smile:

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Gotta like the d though, they have made 2 tough shots. Just got to figure out the offense

Can someone please tell me the last time Michigan had an unfair refereed game in its favor?

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Always with the early turnovers!

Did Smith and Livers hear them talking about this being a mid-range game? Just shoot!


That Harper miss in transition was a very Rutgers play.

The charge call was iffy…hard to argue with anything else other than the crappy jump ball throw.

Not really concerned. Rutgers will have to score 60 points off mid range jumpers to win this one


I thought Hunter got fouled by Johnson on his second shot – admittedly, I didn’t have a great look.

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Was it? Looked to me like Hunter took a nap in that spot before they called the block on him. And he also seemed to get hacked hard on that blocked roll.