Five thoughts on Cole Bajema's pledge to Michigan

Absolutely. I certainly see him as a 2/3 who could also play the 1.

The 1989 Illinois team was one of my all time favorites to watch. If we’re building something like that, I’m on board.

This may not be an opinion all would warm up to, given residual UL grudges and Ricky P distaste, but I’m seeing some Francisco Garcia in this young man. Both players seem like they woke up one day with legs 6 inches longer than yesterday that it seems they are still acclimating to just a bit - while also retaining good ball skills, sound court vision and deep shooting range. Just a hair more deliberate in their actions than your standard 2 due to their somewhat unusual lankiness for the position.

I was looking at the roster yesterday, and I think I counted 8 of the 17 players (includes walk-ons) listed as 6’7” or taller. It makes it easier to play positionless when you have good size.

“Positionless basketball” also means versatility, not extreme specialization. Even Duncan Robinson was sometimes the floor spacer and other times the pop in an pick n pop. A guy like Bajema could project to be the ballhandler, floor-spacer, or a guy to attack overzealous close-outs. Doesn’t mean that Bajema, Wilson, Iggy, etc. are all the same player – they’re not – but they can all be used in multiple ways. On defense, guys who are 6’6" or 6’8" can allow for switching, etc.

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