Five takeaways from Michigan's 77-70 loss to Michigan State

Agree with all that. Michigan gets tripped up when guarded for 94 feet too.

But IMO most important is to have Poole ready to go.

They DID double Winston; it was a mistake. It sent the message, among other things, that Winston could not do it himself. Guarding him the length of the court is, OTOH a good idea. But that means exhaustion down the stretch with a 6-7 man rotation. And Simpson was going on very little rest. We’ll be better prepared for them switching next time, which–as John said–they do not do and had never done to Michigan before. Whether we win in EL, I dunno, but we’ll be rested.

Again, I question ANY overly negative hot take in a game that came down to some missed buckets and assignments.

IMO you play him like Happ – no helping, shut the others down, and make him work for his as best you can.

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You guys all agree that hedging a ball screen is different than a “double team”, right?


Yes. But it sounds like the different approaches and their pluses/minuses would be a good story on the site though, unless there’s a link to an older version.

Speaking of hedging, one of the buckets I had blamed on that notably hard hedge was featured on today’s mixtape of Poole’s defense. On second look, seems that one wasn’t due to a hard hedge.

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Exhaustion wouldn’t deter me in this situation. It’s not the same guy accomplishing the job every possesion. Simpson and Mathews could share that responsiblity. Cassius went the whole 40 and he seemed to have the legs to sink all his free throws to ice the game.

I guess of the opinion that I’d rather let Kenny Goins shoot contested 3s all night then see Winston drop 30 points again.
Make someone else beat you at any cost.