Five takeaways from John Beilein's offseason update


That’s the question, for sure. How strange it is to be worrying about offense from a Beilein team and not defense!


Iggy will get looks between the 2 and 3.

No plans to play him at the 4 at this time.


I know you’re an insider and have some connections so I’m not trying to argue, but the 3 and 4 are more or less the same position. I assume what that means is he’ll be doing tons of ball screens, unlike Livers who did none of that thus was a 4.


Or won’t be guarding 4s? I have a hard time seeing him guarding 2s better than 4s.


While, this generally makes sense with our roster makeup. I’m skeptical that Iggy will be able to play both the guard and wing position right away. Not sure if any JB freshmen has been able to do that. They started letting Poole play guard about half way through last season I believe.


I do too. But that’s the plan.


I just have a really hard time believing Iggy will be limited to getting minutes behind the team’s likely two best players in Poole and Matthews. Very real chance Iggy, Poole and Matthews are the 3 best scorers on the team next year and if that is the case JB will find a way to get them on the floor together


Exactly my argument, offense has to come from somewhere.


I don’t think scoring will be as big of a problem as some suggest.
From the starters, Matthews and X return and should provide equal or better production than they did last year. I think Poole will equal Rahk, probably exceed. The combination of Livers/Johns can be as productive as Livers/Robinson. Teske could get us half of Moe’s points, so replacing the other half of Wagner is the issue.
I like our bench scoring options (DeJulius, Iggy, Nunez and others) over what we got last year.


As the roster continues to get more athletic, I’d like to see the team not only continue to push the ball after misses and makes but also be more successful in converting more of those opportunities and not pulling the ball back out as much. That will help the team find some of those missing points we’re looking for this season.

#31 Yep, I think some scoring will definitely come from here!