Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread


Simpson needs to show up tomorrow. Can’t possibly have another game like Loyola.


I wonder if DJ Wilson has some regrets. Making a ton of money in anonymity, while is erstwhile teammates have a priceless experience


For us to have a chance, we need Simpson and Rahk to play really well. They were both subpar last night so let’s hope they can bounce back. I don’t expect Wagner to dominate like he did vs. overmatched Loyola and Matthews will have a much tougher matchup against Bridges than he did vs. guys on Loyola. It’s going to be a tall order. Not impossible but our offensive performances in the tourney don’t illicit a ton of confidence against a higher powered Villanova attack.


I doubt he cares all that much. I’m sure he’s happy for the guys. But if he had stayed, who is to say he doesn’t tear his ACL or have another injury that hurts his NBA future. He got his guaranteed contract which is the biggest thing when you decide to leave early.


Yeah, DJ seems to be cheering for UM pretty hard, and while regrets are a part of life, he’s playing in the NBA with a guaranteed $4.5 million contract. I’m happy for him, not worried about him.


I feel kind of relieved we are the underdogs for once in the tournament. I think this team plays better when everyone is doubting them.


I’m off to the game. Does anyone know what sections the Michigan fans have?


They were 113-116 yesterday. I ASSUME that remains unchanged. I’m seeing a bunch of Loyola and Kansas section tickets for sale.

I’m still searching for the tickets tomorrow waiting for a good deal. I’m guessing the Michigan bench will be in the Kansas section tomorrow. So if you find tickets there, you’ll be behind our bench but not in the Michigan section. They were 135-138.

All very strong hunches based on yesterday, but nothing confirmed.


And Villanova is not going to have it as easy as they did against Kansas.


Obviously a super tough matchup and you dissected it in the First Look to start, but would love your opinion on our chances, Dylan.


Villanova is the prohibitive favorite as they should be. But I rewatched the 3-point highlights against Kansas and I counted 13 made three point attempts by Villanova that were unguarded/uncontested/wide open looks. That’s a recipe for disaster I’m confident Beilein can avoid.




I don’t know about others, but I don’t lead my life that way. And I don’t really think other people do, either. Maybe where love affairs are concerned. :slight_smile:


I doubt it. Not sure you could call it priceless when the man is currently making millions :slight_smile:


Super important question here: Are they serving beer at the games?



I’m very confident in the consistency of this team’s D and offensive execution. Good enough to be on par with Nova. It’ll just depend on how well we shoot and make shots.



I thought CoryR loved shots…