Exhibition: Northwood at Michigan Recap


To be clear: My assumption that Simpson is (still) a bad jumpshooter is not an insult, an indication I dislike him, or that I don’t value his contribution.

Players get open shots for two reasons: the offensive system creates them for the player, or the player creates them on their own

We all know Simpson was not an off the dribble shooter, and yes, I think the fact a player who has the ball in his hands more than anyone else doesn’t take an off the dribble shot is an indication he does not wish to.

His lack of shooting also shows that Beilein, largely, opts not to get him the ball to shoot in open situations. Wagner got open shots because the offense was designed to do so (b cause he could make them). Ditto Robinson.


I would disagree. It’s a favorite pastime. Not saying it’s good or bad. Just not the way I watch sports. I tend to avoid such discussions.


There’s major extremes here on both sides and I admire fans who love and support Michigan players at all costs, but if you wouldn’t trade Zavier Simpson for Carsen Edwards then you have very different priorities for the point guard position and basketball in general than I do


I see what you guys are saying and as we discuss this it makes more sense to me. The more I think about it I think I was guilty of never entertaining the possibility that Z was going to be looking for his own shot or looking to shoot off the dribble. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he was going to transform his shot, over the summer, to a level, where he would be considered one of the better options to hit an outside shot…


I don’t consider Carsen Edwards a PG. he’s a 2 from my POV.
I probably do have very different priorities than you. No harm in that.


Agreed that there’s no harm in different viewpoints. Do you really think that Zavier Simpson is a better player than Anthony Cowan?


I have zero interest in going back and forth on this. I respect your opinion


Friday night, Simpson was 5-5from the field, 2-3 on free throws for 12 points with 4 rebounds, 6 steals and 7 assist. I will take that every game for the rest of the year and be very happy.


I counted 1/4 on free throws at the game. I might be mixing up two people.

Agree with the rest though. Simpson clearly went to the Derrick Walton school of rebounding in the offseason given some of those boards.


This is a GREAT take in my humble :wink: opinion, JJ3. For me the question is, does the offense run more efficiently with Z at the point? To that question I answer with a resounding, “YES!” He has the ability to take it to the hole and finish with either hand with a variety of shots and moves. He runs the break well, he puts others in position to score and gets them the ball where it needs to be delivered.

He doesn’t shoot it particularly well from outside, but is he an important part of the offense? Again, the answer is certainly “Yes!” for me. Couple that with his tenacious D and I agree, I wouldn’t trade him. And guess what, even if we wanted to, and I certainly don’t, we couldn’t trade him anyway, so let’s celebrate all the things he CAN do. Let’s be thankful he plays for Michigan and not some other team where he’d be locking down OUR point guards!

I like your take on this JJ3!


Thank you, Champions, and I hope your point is well taken.


He really is elite at these two things, imo. He delivers the ball with accuracy and zip!


Speaking of this, I have 2 extra tickets to tomorrow’s banner-raising opener. I’m going but it’s too late for my wife and 8-year-old. If anyone wants them, please let me know. I can transfer them to you with a full name and e-mail address.

Edit: no longer have extra tickets