Eight observations from watching Michigan at the Battle 4 Atlantis

My lunch time hoops game in Juneau, AK shuts down in the summer, primarily because the humidity and moisture seep up through the floor. Too dangerous to play! I bet the Bahamas is much worse!

*Though, the gym is depression era and Juneau is in a temperate rainforest…

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Perhaps the Great Alaska Shootout and Top of the World Classic need to be revived if these hot and humid locations can’t keep their gym floors dry. Plus who doesn’t enjoy watching teams like UAA and UAF? Why should Chaminade have all the fun?


That would be amazing! Michigan used to go to the Shootout! This year’s Armed Forces Classic just isn’t the same. Two games: Baylor vs Washington; UAA vs Coast Guard

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Back when Glen Rice banged Palin?


“I can’t wait to find out what Terry Mills did at the Grover Norquist breakfast meeting.”


Thought it. Didn’t want to say it. I’ll make up for this discretion later, certainly.

haha how did I miss that?

RIP Deadspin

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If Teske is smoking layups this thing is over