Early rotation thoughts

Ibi is not a good defender. It’s not natural for him. He needs to redshirt more than Davis IMO.

I’m a big Ibi fan. I think he’ll be solid for us in 2-3 years. He has the work ethic.

Agree with this, other than I don’t think we’ll see Wagner and Donnal out there together unless Wagner really improves his dribbling and three point shooting (which seems unlikely since he’s probably going to be concentrating on playing the five). I’ll bet Chatman gets the most minutes backing up Zak at the four. I also think they’ll try to limit Walton and Irvin’s minutes a little, so I’d bet Watson gets some run at the 2/3.


Is he worse than Stauskas as a freshman, or Robinson this past year? I ask only because that issue by itself hasn’t really prevented anyone from playing early. Maybe it will going forward, depending on the available options.


That’s a good point.

I think that all depends on the offensive improvements he makes. If he becomes a legitimate, consistent threat off the dribble, to the point where he can score 15 a game (remember, he averaged 11 this year), he’ll play a lot.

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MAAR is not coming off the bench next year folks. He could very well be our best player next year. You start your best player. No being cute.

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On a great team, I feel like his role would be like Demetrius Calip on the 1989 and 1990 teams. But this isn’t a great team, and I fully agree. I’d like to see him practice his three point shot about 2,000 times a day in the offseason. He’s a decent shooter, but if he could shoot the three at 40%, that would really help him. That, and he needs to get some elevation on his jump shot. He almost shoots set shots from three, which doesn’t help. But I do really like him - great driver, and has some really nice step back, 15-foot jumpers too. And plays pretty solid defense.

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Being what he is, third option on this team, I’m not sure you can find a better player than MAAR. He’s limited in what he can do because he doesn’t make plays for others that often but at getting to the rim, he is great. If we had any other option at shooting guard he would be our sixth man but he is really the only guy that plays the position. Hopefully we can find a shooting guard to come in for a year because I’m not too confident ibi can contribute a whole lot in year one.

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I would like to see Rahk improve his passing and continue to develop a floater going to the basket as an option. His three ball will have to just get more consistent as it is. He does not have a true jump shot and is more of a spot up shooter which may need to become a little quicker as consistency comes. It would be great if he could develop a pick and roll game so his teammates could play off his style of game.


Glad to see you have finally come around on this.

I have no problem acknowledging that MAAR became significantly more efficient this year to add to his already solid defense. He has more than earned his minutes.

LeVert still should have been a 30mpg+ player when healthy, though. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I just watched consecutive high school highlights of Burke, Walton, Spike, and Xavier. Has anybody else done this? I believe Xavier will be a good player but I am not confident he will be able to log in a lot of minutes. Just my opinion but Walton and Burke appeared to me to be in an entirely different class from Spike and Xavier. If next year’s success hinges upon a back up point guard logging-in 15 or more minutes (and to be ready to run the show in case Walton get’s hurt) then I am strongly inclined toward keeping Spike around for next year. Anybody else have similar concerns?


I trust Xavier to be solid not great. But I’d like to keep spike unless we have some real good transfer options/late recruit on the wing who could become a real impact. I think we can get away with going small with Walton at the two. Our d isn’t going to be great either way I don’t think so I’m for out scoring teams.

Spike could be useful there. He’s a great shooter on a team that needs better three ball shooters. We shoot a lot of them and most of our guys r real streaky. Spike could really help there. Him Walton Robinson and Irvin would be a nice three ball line up. Also he’s great at getting in the lane and then finding the open big man or player spotting up. He could really help our attack either way. I think even with him this year playing would have really helped all those sub par offensive games/ scoring droughts which usually occurred when the threes weren’t falling. If we have nice transfer options then I’m ok with him walking but other wise even though we could use a 3/4 I think he maybe the best we can do talent wise.

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I see where you’re coming from. Anyone expecting X to have a career like Burke is setting themselves up for disappointment. Him being a bit more consistent Walton level of player is probably the correct expectation. I’ll take that all day.

The only way I take spike back next year is if we literally strike out on all available options. I would bring Spike back with the expectation that he will not contribute in a meaningful way on the court. He will however play a valuable role in helping our young guys adjust to college behind the scenes.

Because of the injuries or because he’s not good enough. I think our offense could use his three ball and his penetration.


Louisville game Spike is not coming back to Michigan.

I agree with that statement but smart good vision lack of turnover good passing team leader spike would still be here IMO

I like MAAR, but he would have to make a big leap to become our best player (while others don’t improve at all). He does one thing better than anyone else on the team, but that doesn’t make him the best player.

I completely agree with this. MAAR has his pluses but those thinking he is better than Zak or Walton are dreaming.

This better than/worse than conversation is not always hugely productive. Especially with Beilein it’s about getting these guys into the flow of an offense in which everyone can be a threat and everyone can best use their strengths.

For me the jury is out on Walton and Zak until we know they are really healthy. I think they’re both far better players potentially than their detractors have tended to make out. Ideally and in good health, all three would be able to take it to the rack.

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