Drake Harris - back to basketball


There is no way he is ahead of Poole. He’ll be an athletic practice player.


I will be interested to see how long it takes Harris to shake the rust off. I have to imagine if he starts re-training his basketball skills he could be somewhere between serviceable and pretty good by next year…He is a great all around athlete.


Don’t see Beilein committing a schollie to him. This only works if he plays both sports and is on football schollie.


If his best shot is a practice player, then he should stay with FB. The depth at CB this year was not that deep either, he is behind Long, Hill, Watson, and saw actions in the Florida game. I believe that he had spoken to Beilein before walking into Harbaugh’s office. And I doubt Beilein would’ve told Harris something if he does not mean it.


Maybe he’s been playing against the others and he’s already impressed.


Scout is reporting that this is NOT happening.


As expected, premature speculation. His perspective in football is not that bad and is certainly better than his chance of contributing in BB this season. Still possible that he walks on basketball after the football regular season.