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I arbitrarily picked 1980. The farther back you go, the more time for the franchises that actually existed to pick up another title but the less comparable it is to the contemporary NBA. YMMV.

outside of Jordan, and Thibulls, the Bulls had a number of good teams in the 70’s (50+ wins several straight years?) with Bob Love, Jerry Sloan, and Nate Thurmond, I don’t know if that counts as “of note”

I’d guess the relative booms and busts are relatively around the median of NBA franchises, then add it in that they obviously had the best 8 year run in modern NBA history

Right, winning a title in the NBA usually means having an MVP candidate AND a bunch of other top 50 players in your starting lineup. If you win multiple titles, you almost certainly have multiple HOFers, probably 2 inner ring HOFers.

So, like, if the point is “oh I’m curious about what these franchises have done without an iconic superstar, that’s interesting” great, I’m happy to give you hella Bulls lore. If it’s “well obviously they were just Jordan Merchants” I think that mistakes the way the game works plus you’re mechanically eliminating a huge number of seasons the more successful that player was. Jordan was a Bull for nearly a third of the seasons in question. Duncan a Spur for nearly half.

we all love DMB don’t we folks but i am not sure i have ever seen one of his (100% sincere, i’m sure) posts inspire such serious discussion of its merits

on the other hand there hasn’t been enough chatter around here lately to properly distract me from work so i’m fine with it


I’m more interested in someone explaining to me why Pat Williams is worth $12 million a year more than Caleb Martin (ahem Colin ahem)

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I’d say that the Lakers winning 5 titles in a tougher decade gives them the edge but 6 is more enjoyable.

I really don’t know what a win costs so I don’t have a great way to back into a contract estimate? But yeah regardless, I don’t really understand why you’d want Pat at that number unless you think he’s going to be incredible by the time he’s extension eligible?

That seemed like a really obvious one to do declining money on to turn him into an asset but they’re not actually trying to do a real tank so why would they do that?

I will say tho that whole cadre of wings that Nate loves all end up average-ish to DARKO etc. (except Fontecchio) which means they’re just not guys who are changing your floor at all if you think you’re a top 4 team in your conference. I wonder if there’s reluctance in the new CBA to get locked in on guys like that when you know your stars are getting maxes.

OTOH the Knicks basically dragged themselves into the conversation loading their team up w guys of that caliber.

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He dropped the label “Michael Jordan Merchant Franchise” and sat back to watch the flames.


dmb is a “merchant” merchant


I just think a guy who made 40% of 7 3pa per 36 is automatically worth over $8 mil unless he’s handing out handwritten invitations to the opponent to dunk the ball

“Cordially Yours,”

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Career 36% and the last 2 years have been a tick below that. Steal rate has plummeted too. I’m sure he’s cromulent but he also might be a bit of a late bloomer with a short peak? I dk

Def think somebody should’ve given him like 4/60 tho.

Winning a press conference doesn’t mean it’ll translate to the court but there’s a lot more focus and energy with Trajan and JB compared to Troy and Monty’s presser last year. And thank God that Gores took a pass on showing up.

FWIW both the last two years and his euro career come in at 37.5%

Last year was 40%

Since 2018 he’s been 39.5%

Anything a new coach would do would be an instant upgrade to whatever Monty was doing last season. JB mentioned the need to play both Cade and Jaden together and stagger both of their minutes. It’s music to my ears.


Again - I don’t think JB is a championship coach, but I think he’s a totally reasonable hire if you’re looking for a guy to teach a bunch of young players how to play coherent basketball, especially defensively

If he produces 143 wins over years 2 through 4, I think any sane person would take it (it’s more than the last six seasons of pistons basketball)


Oh you’re talking about Fontecchio not Martin. Ummm, DARKO and BPM think he is in fact enabling layups. And neither likes low usage JAS types very much, it seems. I think it’s fine to look at last year and say “hey this is what he could be!” but so far he’s a career below average TS% and a merely good 3 pt shooter.

The fact that Danny Ainge didn’t think he was particularly special but Troy Weaver did is also not much of an endorsement.

I imagine knowing more about his European career might could change my mind about what to expect him to be. Guys who derive most of their value from shooting are hard to know what to make of when they’ve only played 2400 minutes. Somebody needs to go do those old school Clay Davenport MLB translations but for the NBA.

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Colin 61% is not even close to average TS, much less below average

I’m going to kill you

Classic Bulls fans… always beefin’

abe frohman, beef merchant of chicago

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