Depth and future rotations


The one thing that you can almost guarantee is that JB will rely on experience. So saying that he may have to lean on Simmons and Simpson together a lot more than is preferred until the youngins show more seasoning/growth. The exhibition game and cupcakes need to have those freshman/sophomores getting as much play time as possible.


I believe Beilein has been quoted as saying that this year’s freshmen are more game ready that some previous classes.


Shoot at 0.3 is not elite but a respectable number that slightly better than that of Irvin’s junior year and MAAR’s freshman year, and is a lot better than what Simmons had last season. I would be very happy if either Matthews or Simpson can get above 0.30 this season.


I don’t exactly think 4 schools in a league of 351 is very good evidence for your claim. Some teams also don’t start a player shorter than 6’3". I’m not sure what that has to do with what John Beilein and Michigan will do.

  1. 30% isn’t very respectable. It’s not awful or “never shoot it” level, but it’s definitely “let him beat us with his shot” level for the opponents. The median team 3p% was 34.8% last season.

  2. How is 30% a lot better than Simmons’ 35%? I don’t understand. Unless you meant Simpson? You can’t mean him though, as he only attempted 19 threes last season, which is not enough to make a conclusion on his shooting.


To that last point, I think we can make a conclusion on X’s shooting. He was afraid to shoot threes and would routinely not take wide open looks. Can’t really excuse it with small sample size when he creates the sample size because he knows he can’t make them.


So could you make the same conclusion after MAAR’s freshman season, when he took just 41 3s in 550 minutes (not that dissimilar to Simpson’s 19 in 332 minutes), and made less than 30% of them?


I’m talking from a scouting perspective here, not pure stats. Obviously this is somewhat anecdotal, but Rahk wasn’t afraid to take threes when he had the opportunities as a freshmen. He was aggressive offensively whereas Z was very timid all over the court. There’s also the fact that Rahk’s form was much much better.

It doesn’t preclude X from ever improving, but I think it’s clear he was a bad shooter the last time we saw him (and the insider chatter about his shot over the summer has not been glowing. It sounds like he has not improved).


He was afraid to shoot everything. Undersized freshmen backups who play 20% of minutes tend to be.

He was third on the team (non-bench warmers) behind only Walton and Robinson in 3PA/FGA.


Am I on drugs, or is MSU’s second “true” starting “big” the 6’7" Miles Bridges?


Last year he was. Sounds like they will play two old school bigs this year. Or at least try to.


Yeah I’m sure Jackson starts this year


Ward, jackson, bridges is their frontcourt


I think our counter of Mathews, Robinson and Wagner is a pretty decent response. And I would take Simmons and Rach over Winston and Langford.


Very much looking forward to the Matthews v Bridges battle…very much not looking forward to Duncan trying to check Jackson


At the same time I don’t think Jackson can guard Robinson on the perimeter


Well considering Robinson can’t put it on the deck, I’m sure Jackson can stand at the three point line and put his hands up.


The questions that Duncan brings to the table that would be tough for a traditional four (I’ve seen talk that Nick Ward is practicing at the 4).

  • Can a traditional four handle a 1-4 pick and pop with Simmons and Duncan? Do you switch Jackson onto Simmons? Do you try to hedge and recover against the pop?
  • Can a four man chase Duncan around screens and through off ball movement?

There are obviously issues that Duncan would need to deal with when he’s on defense, but it would be tough to cover him with a true four.


Duncan doesn’t just stand in place. Jackson would have to chase him around screens and I don’t see it. Also, Duncan is a very good backdoor cutter if JJ plays too far up on him.

Don’t get me wrong. It would be an enormous mismatch on the other end, but I think you are underestimating how big the mismatch would be on offense


If Ward is playing the 4, then the mismatch is even greater. No way is he chasing around Duncan.