Depth and future rotations


It’s easy for a fan to say a player doesn’t have pro potential, but transfers for playing time happen consistently across sports and schools. You could say the same for 90+% of them.

Ibi or any other player trying to redshirt when the team needs his scholarship is hard for me to picture.


Agreed. Redshirting Watson at this point solves nothing and just wastes a scholarship year.


There could be motivations behind the scenes none of us know about as well. Ricky Doyle started 19 games as a freshman, then had the crazy health scare. Some kids are fine with riding the bench and by all accounts it seems Watson is a really good chemistry guy. But by all accounts so was Kam Chatman.

Predicting exactly who it will be is a useless excercise as Dylan has said, my post with the percentages was more just to express the wide variety of outcomes and how up in the air they all still are. I really do think it’s 50/50 someone will enter the draft vs. someone transferring. Maybe Matthews took some Calipari 1 and done lingo to heart and wants his shot at the league right after the year. Maybe Wagner realizes he didn’t improve his stock much at all or just decides he wants to go back home. Or in the best case scenario, they both come back, it’s a guarantee that at least one returning player will decide to move elsewhere.


I didn’t know this was directed at me so I didn’t answer last night. I don’t WANT anyone to go, but I also realize we are currently one over the limit at 14 players for 13 spots. So someone will have to go for whatever reason, turning pro, transfer, prep year, whatever. These kinds of decisions can be incredibly difficult They can literally be heart wrenching. Obviously, if Wagner went pro no one would be forced to make a decision they don’t want to have to make. I’m sure there are others on here who, like me, really want Moe to stay for his senior year, however, if someone offers him a million dollars or more to come play for them, what I may want becomes a moot point. It would be hard to find fault with a kid who can suddenly become a millionaire playing the game he loves, even if we very much want him to stay. But let’s suppose he stays. Someone will have to leave or wait a year for a spot, and that’s where it gets heart wrenching. That’s where the discussions get really tough. To be honest, I don’t think Coach B or the players involved care at that point what I think, and I just don’t find it to be a productive use of MY time to speculate about specific players, players who go to practice everyday, bust their butt to help the team, are dedicated Michigan Wolverines, and who are now are faced with a very difficult circumstance that they really don’t want to have to be faced with. So, who do I want to go? No one. Sadly, the possibility exists that someone will HAVE to go. And that’s between Coach B and the player(s) and the player’s family.


You are right. Redshirting any of our players doesn’t solve this immediate problem . Unless the rule has been changed recently and I didn’t get the memo, players who redshirt still count against the scholarship limit of 13. Since you made your position on redshirting very obvious in previous posts, and a LONG discussion ensued, a discussion I chose not to enter, I’ll not comment further here on whether redshirting “wastes a scholarship year.”


In this case, it definitely would. For a guy like Watson, who has shown so little over his first two years on the court, the chances of a big payoff in his fifth year (which is the only thing that makes a non-injury redshirt worthwhile) are essentially nil.


Thanks for your input. :wink:


I doubt that Beilein is wasting any time thinking about this potential situation. Certainly, not suffering as much angst as some posters here. I assume coach already has a plan in place that has already been agreed to by all involved, such as taking a prep year or being released from their LOI. I don’t see him filling 14 positions without an escape plan in place. So, I think we can all relax and enjoy the remaining games.


Yo. I thought I said this above, but lets drop this subject. There’s really nothing to discuss and you guys just keep going on and on. One way or another, there will be 13 scholarship players on next year’s roster. Just going to shut this thread down because it is going nowhere.