Depth and future rotations


Apparently is a 5’11 guard who was a captain at Cass Tech



Correct, he’s been with the scout team the last few weeks. Now there’s a chance he might dress for games so they are adding him to the roster.


The problem with coach is that he doesn’t emphasize the the skip pass…he has weak side players frequently wide open but the station to station system doesn’t open them up…he should watch some NBA games.


Coach John Beilein? I assure you he watches some NBA games - and knows what a skip pass is…


Seriously…how many players have you put in the NBA?

The NBA…

That spreads the floor!
That has evolved around ball movement and player movement!
That shoots more 3"s than 2’s?
That uses Big men more like guards than centers!



“We keep track of every assist and every turnover in every practice,” Michigan’s coach recalled Thursday night. “And I would yell out ‘Turnover, Matthews’ every time he (had one).”

I never question JB and his attention to detail…he’s been doing this for 40 years better than any coach.

Go blue!


Agree, but it seems most people around here wish that he would spend more time on RPI scheduling.

Every time he speaks about the team, we learn more about just how knowledgeable he is about basketball, his team and how to make them better.

I think he has a very good handle on this team.


Went down an internet rabbit hole and stumbled back upon this article from the summer

Perhaps Beilein’s scheduling will be more valuable as the Tournament committee tweaks its metrics? More emphasis on quality road wins should play in to Beilein’s home-and-home series. Also wonder if it makes an annual game at LCA more attractive for the Tourney resume?

I would still prefer to see 1 or 2 fewer glorified practices on the schedule, but I understand that’s not the equation the current staff uses. (I do see value in 2 or 3 a season, but not 4-5-6. And I view NoFla, UCRiverside, UD, AlaA&M, Jax in the “practice” category this season. I know a couple of those were set by the Maui Invite & the LCA opening, but I’d prefer to replace 2 of those with CMU/SoMiss equivalents.)


As well as Michigan is playing, I think we are not close to peaking yet. We have a lot of rotation guys that can still up their game as they learn the system better and get more comfortable. With our depth, we can become a pretty dangerous team.


I have to agree, tons of upside potential…big learning curve for the Freshman. Livers and Z made big steps last night and Poole is getting there. Should be a very dangerous team in March.


Probably far too early to consider this likely…but Wagner and Matthews both are now being left entirely out of mock drafts


Not a surprise re: Wagner. He’s improved his rebounding this year, but his defense is still really bad. But last season, he had a good second half of the season that boosted his stock so maybe we will see the same again.


Doesn’t mean he won’t go, but Matthews has no shot at an NBA career without serious improvement in his handle.


It really feels like both of them will return next year and our team is going to be awesome.


Because Michigan oversigned this year, it needs to find a scholarship somewhere. I’m still leaning toward that slot opening from Wagner going pro at season’s end…either NBA or Europe.


Feels like a transfer is more likely to me.


It is probably very premature to start trying to single out who that would be but gotta figure that this is the most likely outcome at this point


Well, three possibilities:

  1. One or both of Wagner/Matthews leave early.

  2. Davis or Watson see the writing on the wall with the incoming class and decide to seek more playing time elsewhere, or are gently advised by the coaching staff that they don’t have a promising future here.

  3. Grayshirting one of the new guys (not very likely).

Before early signing, a fourth alternative would have been to pull the offer from Nunez, but with LOIs already in place, that’s no longer an option.


And Nunez looks to bear considerable promise.