Depth and future rotations


The biggest thing, to me, with using Mo at the 4 is when matchups warrant it. I don’t care not playing him there with a quicker 4. I just want that option to be available when other team’s go two big.

I get it, Duncan gives you the advantage of having a bigger 4 guard him. I’d just like the Mo at 4 option should we be getting killed down low.

As an example, Texas is going to go some two bigs. Bamba has played some 4 I believe for them. Mo can guard him.


Coach Beilein didn’t mention anything being relative. Flat out said Davis isn’t playing as well as he was last year. Sounded like a coach challenging Davis to play harder


Am I insane, or does Robinson rarely actually guard the 4 - it’s most often Matthews (just as Irvin guarded the 4 more often when he played with Robinson)?

So this whole “well Wagner guarding 4’s can’t be worse than Robinson” thing seems like a canard?


If Wagner was in there he’d be guarding the 4. Maybe the right formulation is whether Wagner guarding 4s is worse than Robinson guarding 3s?

Also, one thing to consider is that Michigan tends to switch screens at positions 1-4. That means Wagner could get switched onto guards or they’d have to change their philosophy – they’ve already tried to do so at times with Robinson but with Wagner it might present more challenges.


This is an interesting discussion. Obviously the rotation will consist of the current starters, and certainly I include Eli in that group as he has performed pretty well, especially as a freshman learning a complicated system. He may take a step or two backward, but I think he will generally be moving forward and getting better and better. Teske is clearly the back up five, no question in my mind about that, either. Z is, as someone above mentioned, a capable back up at the point. He plays excellent on the ball defense, and as long as he can get us into the offense, he’ll be fine. If he actually begins making shots, he’ll be more than fine.

That leaves us with the need for a rotation player at the three/four and possibly someone to spell MAAR at the two besides Eli who, at his size and coupled with a small point guard, may be able to play there for maybe two to four minutes a game, and that also depends on the opposition guards.

SO, I believe, and I think Coach B does, too, that we need Isaiah to be that three/four rotation player. Certainly he needs to develop, but at his size and strength there is no reason to believe he can’t be successful there. He does a nice job in the middle of 2-3 type zones and can hit the outside shot. Defensively, I think he has the best (only?) shot at defending fours.

As for the other two players, Ibi and Jordan, I think Jordan has great upside. He definitely can shoot it from deep and has more athleticism than some on here give him credit for. He COULD be the big two guard to back up MAAR. Both Poole and Livers may make mistakes now, but I think they can help us down the line, more than anyone else I’ve seen on the team so far. Now, that’s a nine person rotation. I know Coach B doesn’t usually go with a rotation of nine players as we move into the B1G season, but I think this year he may HAVE to.

That’s my rotation, but I’m not the coach so it really doesn’t matter what I think. AND, of course, I’m not with the team in practice everyday! One thing I DO know is that I trust Coach B to make decisions that he thinks are in the best interests of Michigan Basketball, this year and in the future. Should be fun (I hope!) to see how it plays out.


I think that’s short changing Maar . I’ve felt maar has played quite well most games. I’ve also seen a improvement on him hitting the open man for assists. I think he’s always been undervalued. To me he has been pretty much the most reliable player on the team. Mathews is coming on now and tajingvthst iverv but Maar still always seems to have a knack for hitting a tough basket when we need it. He’s also the only guy besides Charles who can get his own look and finish well.

I guess what I mean is he’s an above average big ten guard in my book and I think he’s going to help carry us in many Games.


Last year Davis, like Matthews, was playing scout team. They didn’t have to know the offense. They just played. This year, like the freshmen and Simmons, they are first year players and there is more of an adjustment learning the system, which slows you down.

Davis is going to be a really good player for us. He may never start due to those in front of him, but he will be a major contributor. With him and Teske at the 5, that will be a position of strength for us next year.


Also count me in on zavier still being a valuable asset to this team. This year and beyond. If Eli is taking the reigns than I’d say zavier is a very nice back up pg. I’d like to see him penetrate morecinnthe half court though. He had one or two drives a game last year late it seemed like where he beat his man easily and got a bucket or two. I think he’s still good for that.

I also think his “poor” play has been over blown. On the vcu game I watched he did a lot of stuff I liked and certainly wasn’t a weakness. Hell his drive and kick to moe for three sealed the game for us. That was all his creation too. I think as the season progresses eli and him will be just fine in a platoon. I honestly think they both deserve 20 minutes or more. Eli getting some at the two perhaps.


Also I can’t stop considering this. Just how good would this team be if Mathews and moe return. Or if just Mathews does?

Z/ Dave / eli
Eli/ Poole/ Ibi?
Mathews / Ibi/ ignas
Isnas/livers / John’s
Teske/ Davis/ castketon

Just wow. I could see us possibly starting Eli, Mathews, ignas, livers or John’s and teske. I know Charles isn’t really a sg but maybe ignas runs that on offevse? You’d think they’d want to get Charles, ignas and livers or John’s out there as a trio. Get your best five out there at all costs. Maybe that is Poole though. I could see that big lineup being plausible to.

Man that is final four good in my book. The idea of Mathews, ignas, John’s and livers all on the same roster has to scare teams. Than Poole, z, Eli. As a ball handlers/ back court and teske as a junior! That’s a big ten championship in my book. Possible final four good.


Way to early to start worrying about who won’t be back, but my guess is that Matthews returns.


I think Mathews has to be a SG at the next level. I don’t know if he will come back. I really don’t know if HE knows at this point, but as good as he has been and, I think, will continue to be this year, if he wants to play at the next level, he still has some work to do in terms of developing a consistent three point shot and a good and reliable handle. I think we’ll see some of that this year, especially if Jordan or Ibi don’t pan out as a backup to MAAR, but will it be enough to get him comfortably in the first round? Maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, he’ll need another year. Moe, he’ll probably be gone, but he DOES love college!


It’s happened a lot during Beilein’s tenure, a guy looks really good in practice and then struggles with the game speed. Especially the Bigs. Often they end up settling after a season or half-season of live game experience.

Teske practiced well early last year; showing up this year in games.
DJ Wilson was the talk of practice for 2years.
I remember hearing it about Horford, Donnal (neither of those really blossomed)

Wouldn’t surprise me if Davis becomes an average B1G caliber post next season.


Sounds like Davis was clowning on Donnal when on scout team. He doesn’t have a traffic cone to guard him in practice anymore.


We’re currently one over on scholarships for next year. If Wagner and Matthews both come back, someone else will have to go. No telling who or how at this point, but something will have to happen.




The key is Poole learning the 2G so he can back up both Mathews and MAAR.


I agree. I just don’t understand why Poole started out as a three rather than as a two. I feel with Livers in the mix with Robinson and Mathews we have a decent rotation at the three and four spots. It seems to me that Poole should have been a two from day one.


I think the 2 is a pseudo 1 and a more complicated position than the wings. Thus if he is to get on the floor the learning curve isn’t quite as steep as a wing


That’s what I thought, and I would never question Coach B, but I think the two is where we REALLY need him, although I know Eli can play some there, too.


2 has always been where he’ll end up. As mentioned, JB likes to start them out at the 3 for learning sake, then move to the 2 (if possible and time allows)