Coach B's recruiting


I guess my biggest lament regarding coaching staff post mortem “blowouts” these past few years, is the on going narrative that the opponent had “to much length, to quick off the dribble to contain, to physical for us, or to high a motor, or we didn’t see that on film.”

Heaven forbid if they have the audacity to play D with the intensity to try and prevent us a catch so that we can’t initiate an offense. How could they?

Where’s the in game adjustments and any semblance of an offensive counter attack? Are we automatically paralyzed by good defensive efforts, to the point we’re reduced to chucking end of the shot clock threes in frustration?

Truth is we compete when our offense is allowed to run unmolested by opponents who are uncommitted on that end. Thank goodness there are enough of them remaining on our schedule.

If we are ever going to compete against teams that emphasis length, quicks, motor and physicality, aren’t we going to have to eventually recruit some other skill than shooting? Especially shooters who can’t create or need a wide window to get off a shot?

Its JB’s team, but why are we frequently reduced to these blowouts simply because the opponent is quicker, longer, and more intense than us. You are what you recruit to.

We’ll see how that changes going forward.


You’re silly if you expect this team or any team to go undefeated.

It’s almost like the Marquette and SMU games never happened.


I don’t know if it’s fair to pin that on Maar. Unless you want him just to take the ball but Irvin has been dominating the ball this year and not very efficient. Maybe Maar will do that next year but as long as Irvin is playing 30+ minutes you won’t see Maar do much.


I know that this has little to do with Coach B’s recruiting, but the thing that annoyed me the most last night was that USC had a full house on the night before T’giving. Good luck filling Crisler any night against USC. And that’s the danged SEC.


Good point there. That place was pretty dang loud at times and their aggressive style only fed the crowd more. Got to give them credit, they played a great game. Wish I lived in AA, I’d buy season tickets :slight_smile:


If you’re going to write off this freshman class, then you have to write off Winston, Langford and Ward too.

They have done next to nothing WITH mins played.

Point is its WAY to early to know who these kids are.


Ward? Are you kidding me? I’d kill to have him on my team. He and Langford are both gonna be good players.


Right… Other freshmen get time to carve out roles while ours are written off in November. Weird logic.


Ward has 60 points and 35 rebounds in his first six games. Which include Kentucky, Arizona, Baylor, St Johns, and a very solid FGCU squad. Damn solid.

Langfords been nicked up and hurt.

Not a fan of Winston.

Ibi and X can barely get on the floor.


No real point there, there are better players on our roster. Msu has no choice but to play those guys. I don’t understand the comparison.


Well we lost, to a probably tourney team, so now correct protocol is to freak out about recruiting.


Lol. Write off the entire class in November of their freshman season. Remind me not to take you seriously going forward.


Yup. And then pretend like Izzo shits sprinkles despite MSU looking extremely shaky. Par for the course.


All three Msu losses are to ranked teams, could be 4 losses but we all know what happened in that game.


South Carolina might be ranked come Monday.


If they beat Syracuse on Saturday, around 20-21 is going to happen.


No doubt. There’s a solid chance they’re 3-4 after playing Wichita State tomorrow, and then they play at Duke Tuesday.


8-5 in OOC play would leave them without much room for error in conference play.


No quality wins either. Could be a long year for them.


They’ll have a great SOS and RPI and it’s Izzo, so they’ll get in. But they’re hardly the powerhouse some UM fans feared. And I can’t see any way Izzo can get two years out of Bridges.