Coach B's recruiting


Yeah, they should totally blow up the kid’s phone, show up to his house unannounced, and harass his parents. That’ll get him interested.


Unless you have details that this is the case it’s just gum-flapping. I think it’s quite possible that Beilein is a little old-school, hands off, or austere in his approach, but until someone actually shows me how that plays out in recruiting, and disadvantages us, it’s a boring kind of character assassination that seems to fuel it. The “seems” may tend to kind of give you away. . .


I’m still rooting for you.


Much appreciated. In the spirit of friendship, can I subscribe to your recruit evaluation newsletter? I’d like the latest and greatest in player evaluations. I’d like to be able to impress my friends with my knowledge of the future stars and busts (Like that GLIAC talent from Saginaw).


Just keep pushing forward.


You say “it’s quite possible” and then in the same sentence reject the possibility as unfounded.

By the way, “austere” (your word) is a very bad thing to be when it comes to recruiting.


JB has went after a boatload of high profile kids the last three years. He has struck out on almost all of his Plan A wants. It’s just a reality that for whatever reason, the overwhelmingly majority of these kids just do not relate to him personally.

You can insert whatever obligatory disclaimer you want to adhere to, but they seemingly all prefer to play for a different coach. A lot of kids are interested in our name and tradition initially, but they just never seem to hit it off with the head man as the recruitment develops. It’s just a reality.


Don’t want to quibble too much, but I said he may be those things but you have to show evidence that it gets in the way of recruiting. I’m willing to believe it, asking for proof. Early on I remember a lot of the kids saying how much they loved him, in part because of his great coaching. Could be he’s getting a little old, could be that losing dampens everyone’s enthusiasm. We just never get anything out of the locker room; Dylan’s very tight-lipped, either because that keeps him in the school’s good graces or because he doesn’t learn very much. Have all these unheralded guys go to the NBA is meaningful, though; most fairly objective people can acknowledge that, even as they regret losing out on this or that kid or a bad season.

Truth is, we’re doing about as advertised this season, especially if we get into the NCAAs with Caris and Spike out of the action. Hasn’t been pretty though, I agree with you there.




And JB never changes his way of doing things.


Lol nice joke


After tonight’s game, I think you dug up this nine-month-old post a bit too soon.


Why do you think that?


Surely SMU and Marquette gave you reason to believe that you will be reading previews where we aren’t at a disadvantage inside, right?

We aren’t going to have a better front court than everyone, but that isn’t what your post that I bumped said. You said you want to be able to read game previews where we aren’t at a disadvantage inside and certainly Wilson/Donnal/Wagner will have the edge in some games… no?


And the loss today had less to do with our front court and more to do with (1) shooting 2 of 26 from three and (2) our back court being unable to create any offense. when is the last time a team won with 2 total assists?

…but I realize that doesn’t fit your agenda. It’s weird that you can’t admit that our front court won’t always be at a disadvantage this year.


It isn’t like we got out rebounded by 15, it was 3 or 4 I believe. Them pressuring us the moment we crossed half court is the main reason we lost. Walton/MAAR weren’t creating anything at all and then with the clock late, Irvin would just launch a shot. I don’t blame Irvin at all for most the shots he took, Everyone was standing around. The turnovers are a completely different story though. I don’t feel too bad about this loss, It’s not easy playing a road game right before thanks giving against a pretty decent opponent. It taught us a lot and we have lots of things to work on. We just had the worst shooting night of Beilein’s career. Accept it, learn from it, and move on.


Yep, although both teams were actually good on the offensive glass. Michigan needs to be better on the defensive glass for sure.

The turnovers, the poor offense, the shooting, 95% of the negatives were on offense.


The disappointing part is that they really haven’t had a close game and guys Watson/Teske have been stapled to the bench, very little time for Simpson. It’s a 4 man recruiting class and it would be surprising if you got a contributor out of the bunch this year.

John I think Donlon will improve certain areas of the D but I still saw a lot of guys getting blown by off the dribble. Donlon can fix some things he can’t fix lack of agility and quickness going side to side.


Seems kind of harsh to write off a freshman class after 5 games?


I guess it depends on your perspective. One guy is getting redshirted, it’s doubtful Teske takes time away from Donnal/Wagner. If Watson couldn’t get any meaningful minutes with Irvin having one of the worst games ever I am not sure where his PT would come(Beilein isn’t going to sit Robinson for Watson). Simpson will most likely get the most minutes but at most they will be 6-10 minutes in a game. Where do you see any of those frosh breaking through this year?