Caris LeVert has been in the gym

Re: Caris making the “jump” – I posted a comment about this a few days ago.

I agree he’s made the “jump.” Huge improvement between year one and two. But we’re expecting him to sustain his numbers and find areas to improve. There’s always room to improve. He’s also going to have a X on his chest as opposed to playing off Nik (and GRIII to some extent). He’s obviously already a great player. I just worried a bit that expectations might have been a little TOO high for him next year considering the foot injury kept him off the court and presumably affected his ability to work on ballhandling skills, footwork, etc… nuances you can always improve if you want to separate yourself from a “90/100” to a “94/100.”

He’s definitely worked his body as much as the foot would allow. Hopefully the mental game and his teammates can help him reach that next-level that I’m referencing. Or at least, maintain the same level of efficiency as 13-14.

Zak has to be what 215-220? I really see our perimeter defense being stout.
Nice! The Big 3! Will they be the best 1-2-3 group in the B1G?


I really hope Sanderson focused the training on lateral movement (the ladder & resistance bands come to mind) with respect to Irvin. He was touted as a great perimeter defender out of HS, and he was pretty underwhelming in that regard as a freshman. No doubt the added strength is a plus though.

On a side note, I pray Sanderson does some work with Caris on his legs. Obviously the surgery precluded Caris from going full tilt on the legs, but geez is he proportioned badly on that pic above.

Glad to see all 3 guys making significant gains in terms of strength, should help them with balance on both ends of he court.

Yeah, good call MattD. Need to work on the legs and core. I remember Trey mentioning how much stronger he got in the lower body between freshman and sophomore year.

Hard to say what any of them are. They’re obviously all flexing. Need to see before and afters.