Camp Sanderson also paying off for Derrick Walton

It does look like Robinson is bigger than Donnal

Doyle looks like a beast here – he shouldn’t have a problem with Costello. Could be optical illusion, but Donnal looks at least 2 inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter. Solid gains on the rest though.

Big Rick’s pecs are larger than Dakich’s head.

Robinson looks big… That transfer year off should do wonders for him next year… He’s no longer a bean pole

BA did say that donnal gained 20 lbs but it sure doesn’t look it. Everyone looks solid tho. Agreed that Ricky’s pecks are bigger the dakichs head lol

Doyle last year was as physically imposing as any frosh big in the country. The key for him will be improving his flexibility and first jump.

His conditioning last year was terrible. Should be improved this year.