Brent Hibbitts visit

Good article. Truly a tough decision. He could go play with his brother at CMU, but opted for M.
Welcome aboard young man!

That's essentially the definition of preferred walk-on. Pay your way to school, but promised a spot on the team.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Excellent addition to the program. We need as much talent as possible for practice/prep. I bet - scrimmages are going to be really entertaining.

excellent pickup for a walk-on

Thinking of the value guys like Corey Person, David Merritt, CJ Lee, Dakich, Longeran, etc have brought to the program…stability, leadership, quality competition.

You don’t want to have to depend on a walk-on for heavy minutes but sometimes in the roller coaster of college hoops, you have to go that route.

Welcome Brent. Good to have a walk-on with size.

Hopefully he will be a good addition to the bench mob