Bracket Watch: January 29th, 2019


Wild that Michigan can play the easiest conference schedule and still have the 24th SOS. Speaks to the strength of the B1G. But then you get teams like Indiana and PSU winning against Michigan/MSU and making the B1Gs top tier look weaker, while teams like UNC/Virginia/Duke just beat up on each other but handle business against the bottom of the conference; so nobody holds their losses against them because they’re against other great teams.


This would be one of the worst case scenario draws in my opinion.

Loyola, Syracuse, LSU, Virginia just to get to the final four. No thank you


Syracuse is bubble team I want to avoid the most. We may jest about Izzo’s strategy against them last year (and it was laughable), but I could absolutely see us losing to them this year because of our lack of shooting. If we play them, I’d prefer it to be in the Sweet 16 so we can have more time to prepare specifically for them.


LSU would be a pretty good draw as a 3 seed. Loyola is not nearly as good as last year, but definitely want to avoid Cuse


Agree when you isolate those games, they are less daunting.

But of all 15 seeds to catch, I’d prefer one that didn’t lose to Michigan in the Final Four last year.

Syracuse’s zone scares the crap out of me with the offense’s shooting struggles.

LSU - I love Tremont Waters. all-American level point guard with an NBA first round talent next to him in Naz Reid.

Then make it through all that to potentially get a team so similar to Michigan but better in most areas in Virginia…I just wouldn’t feel good at all about winning 4 straight games there. If some upsets were sprinkled in along the way, I’d feel better.


If Syracuse worries you, then Washington should, too - maybe more so. Hopkins has transplanted the 2-3 so successfully that the Huskies have a better defensive efficiency than the Orange, according to KenPom. Worse offense, though.


I want nothing to do with South Dakota State in the first round. Another dance with Loyola or Montana would be just fine with me.


My question to you then how those opponents are considered tier 1-A wins @Wofford, Gonzaga, @NC St, Va Tech, @L’Ville, @Duke, @Clemson? Michigan has @Villanova, UNC, Purdue, @ vs Indiana 2Xs, Wisconsin, @ vs. Maryland 2Xs. If they count Clemson as a tier 1 then I can count Indiana and should count Minnesota 2Xs because they have a better record than Clemson. People can say the rankings are meaningless but it’s essentially how they do figure SOS or the bracket for that matter?


You’ll have to take that up with the committee and the NET rankings system. He isn’t subjectively calling those tier 1-A wins. It’s based on the NCAA Team Sheets. You can call the wins whatever you want to call them, but how the committee will look at them is all that is relevant. UNC is 7-3 in T1A games (8-5 vs Q1 as a whole) and Michigan is 4-2 (8-4 vs Q1).


I know Michigan has great defensive stoppers but yes I agree, no Mike Daum please!


Bring it…any team, any time, any place!

This team will be well prepared to play…someone said “Rock Fight”! These kids are all dogs…WOOF!

Go Blue!


Every bracket I have seen this morning has Michigan as a 3 seed in the south, with Duke as the 2 seed and Kentucky as the 1.


Answers the question I was gonna ask…“Is Michigan locked into a 2 seed no matter what?”

Worst case scenario would be lose to Iowa and I guess a 3 seed would be at play. Run the table (with prospective wins over Iowa, Purdue, MSU/Wisconsin/Maryland) and would be one of the higher 2 seeds I would have to think.

I have a hard time imagining that as things stand Michigan would be a 3 seed in that region.


I am not so sure we are even locked into a 3 seed.


Lol what? Give me 12 teams that would be ahead of a 6 loss Michigan team with a win over 1 seed UNC.


If we go one and done in the B1G Tournament and look bad in the process, it wouldn’t be hard to do.


Seems like a bit of an overreaction on your part. The committee ranks on a season long resume. Michigan still leads the country in Q1+Q2 wins


And the other teams on the 4 line are Wisconsin, Kansas, Kansas St, and Florida St. LSU, Houston, and Purdue are far more likely to fall down to a 4 than Michigan IMO


I’m not liking the concept of a date with Duke in the Sweet 16


We’re still comfortably a 2 seed in the bracket matrix.