Bracket Watch: February 26th, 2019

I hear you.

The interesting thing is, a lot of their offensive issues are correctable, even this late in the season. The actions passing and cutting need to be a little faster. Poole from time to time needs to get back to operating out of the ball screen as well. Also the team needs to improve its transition defense. 12 to 16 points per game off turnovers would really help, especially with this type of defense. And if Brooks plays he needs to shoot, even if he misses, he can create a Kobe assist.

This tournament is going to be wide open. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a coulee 5-8 seeded teams in the Final Four. Teams I would really like Michigan to avoid are Iowa State and Va Tech. Those are a couple of my sleepers to make a deep run.

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Agree 100% on the teams you listed. I’d add Syracuse as a team to avoid in that range. I have no idea how this Michigan team would score on that zone

Man, I watched that Cuse/UNC game last night and UNC absolutely shredded that zone. Now, obviously M and UNC have very different offenses but it sure was fun watching the Heels carve up Boeheim’s pet. Luke Maye had a poor shooting night but did a great job facilitating from the high post (6 assists) and Coby White went off to the tune of 34 points on 6/11 from deep.

B1G Tournament Bracket Update: After the win over Nebraska, Michigan is 99.45% guaranteed to get a double-bye in Chicago. After about 45 minutes of trying scenarios to find one where they weren’t at least a 4 seed, I gave up, called it 100%, and started snooping around for good Session 4 and 5 tickets…