Bracket Watch: February 14th, 2020

Where’s Purdue at in the NET? Is Saturday another opportunity for a Quad 1 win?

Yes, the upcoming games are on the bottom of the team sheet. Four of Michigan’s final five game are Q1 … although Wisconsin probably won’t stay in the top 30.

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You can never really get a great answer to this because NET is a blackbox. As Dylan said, it’s probably just something to do with the idiosyncrasies of how NET handles effeciency (which is in some proportion to use MOV up to 10 points and also raw effeciency margin)

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Hard to fathom that a home game against a Big Ten opponent is a Q4 affair but here we are with Nebraska languishing at 175 in the NET.

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How is the SOS calculated on these? On the advanced metric sites, Michigan is 1st (Torvik) and 3rd (KenPom) in SOS. 57th here.

Same for MSU – much higher on the two sites above than the 46th listed (I get that the rankings for each set are different, which leads to small changes, but this gap seems really wide).


It is basically the RPI SOS component which is absolutely insane, but … oh well.


Thought I read somewhere that SOS is still calculated using RPI, which if true is simply beyond stupid. NCAA decided that RPI was too easy to game and too old so they make their own metric but then still use said outmoded RPI for strength of schedule for their hollowed team sheets that the committee uses to seed. Just baffling.

EDIT: So the reason Michigan is worse than MSU in SOS is largely because their RPI [link] is 48 while MSU’s is 41.


“Just baffling”is the NCAA’s management philosophy.