Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Rutgers Open Thread

Wow. What was the point of dragging this out to now?


Can anyone confirm? I’ve got big ten on and they haven’t said anything yet?!?

They’re the only ones that don’t know lol

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Yes, BTN is finally finding out.

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So the NCAA Tournament is off too, presumably? Just a matter of time?

Cancelling these are probably the only way to save the tournament, albeit unlikely. Theoretically if you isolate the teams for however many days they could potentially all gather in a central location and play it out. But don’t know if that’s actually an option that will be considered

I’m not sure what happens next but I know the bottom line on the income statement will not be good. TV revenue dead, ticket sales dead and the entire revenue stream just dried up. Not sure how those stadium and TV contracts are structured but the attorneys are very busy this week with Force Majeure language…its going to get bumpy!

Why the hell get to the point where the players are out on the court warming up being in close proximities to one another, if you’re gonna cancel it the do it last night or this morning. What crappy leadership from the big ten


The Jim Delany Legacy lives on!


What information exactly could have the B1G have been waiting on or received that they couldn’t have done this early this morning or last night?


That is nonsensical

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Nothing. All the information about how bad this was going to be has been known for weeks.

Dang, I was hoping X would get to 1k, 500 and 500 for his career.

ACC still playing today. The other conf cancellations were last minute like the B1G.

Looks like it’s cancelled now (or will be momentarily).

Big East is still going strong though!

Well, I am guessing the big one gets cancelled too, but this one getting cancelled really helps us get healthy.

Sad day in the history of the United States, good luck to all in staying healthy, Go Blue!