Big Ten Draft News


When is the exact deadline? Is it 12 AM tomorrow?



Nigel Hayes will be staying



In regards to the Big Ten it is just Melo Trimble and Andrew White now


Has Caleb Swanigan said anything formally?


Nope. Still waiting on him as well.


Swanigan returning to Purdue.


Anyone find it surprising that Hayes would stay? I thought this was supposed to be a weak draft…


That’s big for Purdue.


Andrew White III returning also.


Last two players standing are Alec Peters and Melo Trimble


Trimble is returning to Maryland for his junior year.


I know it’s not technically Big Ten, but since he’s been linked as a possible transfer:

Per Jeff Goodman, Valparaiso’s Alec Peters has withdrawn from the NBA draft. Peters, who led the Crusaders in scoring and rebounding en route to 30 wins and the NIT final, will reveal his decision to the public on Thursday.


Seems to be verified now. We NEED to get on this ASAP. Not high probability to begin with, but I hope it’s a full court press. Clear talent, clear area of need, can give him minutes pretty quickly I’d imagine (or we should anyway).


Feel like pretty much every school in the country would want him I would expect. I don’t know a ton about his situation, but as I’ve said I’d think Vandy has an inside track with Bryce Drew.


I was just thinking. Why did a few of these guys, particularly Thomas Bryant not come out? I was just reviewing this class in 2017 potential draft class and I have no idea why someone like him who could have played himself into the top 20 would risk another year. The draft next year could be amazing. I could see him being a top 15 pick. He’d be the best center I believe. I prefer him to poeltl all day in America.

Also I saw a photo of him working out with Tyler Relph with a few Rochester high school d one bound kids. Relph is an amazing skills coach. One of the better dribblers and shooters I’ve ever seen in person. If anyone could improve Bryant’s skills its that guy. Let’s hope not to much.

Didn’t know where to add this but still has Aubrey as the 38th prospect for next year for whatever that sites worth… We all know he’s not leaving but I found that interesting.