Big Ten announces 2021-22 conference matchups

Kid loves to be the heel.


T-rank has updated Big Ten projections to include the actual schedule. Predicts Michigan 15-5, 2 games clear of Purdue and Ohio State.


Maryland is the new Illinois. Scored the rare preseason banner here.

What’s the significance of these three players? Are they from Maryland?

Stating the obvious but that’s a much different looking B1G than this season in terms of quality distribution.

This year we ended up with three top-6 overalls (Michigan, Illinois, Iowa) and five top-12s (OSU, Wisconsin). Next was Purdue at 29th and the rest of the conference was all bundled together between 35th and 88th.

This projection has #2 overall, then five teams between 10th and 22nd, and a much lower floor at 110th and 137th.

well 2 of them were Duke players during the Maryland-Duke ACC rivalry days

Is there really any chance Hunter is leaving college without feasting in college park? Think this bodes well for a year 3 :joy:

He already did that this year.


Fair. Limited fans in attendance.

When game dates are announced I just hope we don’t have at Sparty the last game of season. That happens to often.


Really sick of that. Give us a January game when they haven’t figured out out yet.

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It will be for certain just like in 2019 when Izzo said there would be no banner raising but magically when they won the game it was raised.

How does Purdue get a cake schedule two years in a row?? Man…I guess I was wrong about them being a top team - schedule gods are going to keep them relevant.

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I would lean more to 11 to 12 wins.

for Michigan?

Yes. Tough schedule, acclimating the frosh and they will really miss the senior leadership from Livers, Smith, Davis. They probably struggle early but find their footing later.

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we have a full OOC schedule this year to find our footing. And we will likely start 3 seniors alongside Dickinson. How bad do you think we will be early on??

Michigan is going to have a great team again next season and the Big Ten is way way weaker than last season. We went 14-3 against a much tougher schedule last season and you think we will only go 11-9 or 12-8???


I don’t think last year was much tougher. I would add going onto the road with actual fans will automatically make it harder. Last year Michigan never had to make a trip to Champaign, the Rac, Iowa. Two of those 3 teams were top 4 seeds in the conference and Rutgers was 7th.

I never said they would be bad either. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they lose a couple non conference games the non conference schedule this year will be a bit more difficult. We will see if the non conference schedule is able to get this group more acclimated. Games in Vegas, game against Kentucky, ACC/B1G challenge, maybe a trip to Oregon etc… Howard isn’t going to all of a sudden start using 11 man rotations.

Torvik’s predicted conference schedule SOS is drastically easier than it was for us last year. Massive decrease in conference strength.

And as much as road games get tougher with crowds, home games get easier to the same degree.

and to use KenPom…

Last year our conference SOS was +19, or in other words our average conference game was against a team 19 points/100 possessions better than D1 average (adjusting for home/road). The entire rest of the KenPom era (2002-2020) our conference SOS has ranged between +8 and +16. It seems unlikely that our conference SOS next season is going to be even remotely close to last season by any objective measure.

(and those Torvik and KenPom numbers are taking into account the Big Ten faceplant in the NCAA tourney to adjust our SOS down from where it was heading into the tourney)

So if you have them only winning 11-12 games, how many teams do you have finishing in front of Michigan next year?