Big Ten/ACC Challenge


I like Simpson on defense a whole lot more than I do MAAR, he has been abused a ton this year so far. Simpson runs the offense pretty well I’d say. He hasn’t gained the confidence yet to attack the rim or attack the paint but that will come. The main reason I want him starting is to shift MAAR to the bench, we need him badly off the bench. It also allows Walton to play off the ball and with Walton only taking 3’s this year, he can focus more on taking shots and being more aggressive offensively vs trying to run the team and get everyone involved. I think at this point Simpson can do that. I’m not saying play Simpson 30 minutes a night, but let him play the first 5 or 6 and bring MAAR off the bench and let him attack. I love MAAR but he is not a play making shooting guard and putting Walton at that spot can really help this offense I think. Last thing, If Walton is going to play 38 minutes a night, At least give him a break on defense where he isn’t guarding the opposing point guard the whole time. I feel Simpson starting helps out Walton a lot and from what iv’e seen so far, We need Walton’s scoring more than anything right now.


You do realize that my “brah” usage wasn’t because I use “brah”, but rather to make fun of another poster her… right?

Why are you still using it to respond to me?


I wasn’t aware posts were made to make fun of others, my bad.



You, I, and others are in agreement that South Carolina is a good, NCAA Tournament level, team.

Other poster: “SEC has 6-7 better teams than South Carolina.”

You: “South Carolina is ranked #22.”

Me: “SEC has 6-7 better teams brah”

You: “Lol brah. Well, according to the rankings, they do not.”

Me: “But… But… It has to be true because of preseason SEC rankings!”

Get it?


Responding to you was a mistake. One I won’t repeat.


Why the hostility? I’m clearing up a misunderstanding you seemed to have.


My “SEC has 6-7 better teams brah” post should have been [quite obviously] sarcastic. I’m just letting you know that you missed the sarcasm. No need for hostility bub.


Home teams went 12-2 in the Challenge. Only two to lose were Maryland and Michigan.

Personally thought Nebraska and Ohio State played extremely well in very hostile environments. OSU couldn’t close it out but to be up 14 without Bates-Diop says a lot.


DJ and Wagner need to understand that the body bumps are going to get called every time, even when the offensive player jumps into them.
I also liked what Teske brought to the table. Like the other bigs, he’ll have some more growing pains when he gets more minutes, too, but he brought a presence on defense last night that needs to be developed.


Hasn’t this been the JB philosophy, for like, his entire career? And a philosophy that’s been widely criticized (not implying you as one)? I agree with your post, and I obviously think we need to continue to stress defense, just wondering if there’s a residual effect in doing so - the shooting is going to go down.