Big Ten/ACC Challenge


MSU will probably rattle off 8,9,10 wins in a row I’d guess. Schedule lightens up a lot, will be interesting to see how much better they can get. I still think they really need another big, will be interesting if Schilling comes back or not.


I can’t imagine that this MSU team is nearly consistent enough to have that long of a winning streak. I’d keep an eye on that Oakland game.


I guess the game at Minnesota could be tough too, but really a pretty cushy stretch for them to get things figured out now.


A cushy stretch that almost becomes must-win for them based on how the early stretch has played out.
If they win out in non conference and finish 9-9 in conference play that would have them at 18-13 by the end of the season with their best win being Wichita State. Blow an easy one before that the pressure will be on in B1G play


I mean, it’s super unlikely that any team that is 9-9 in B10 play is going to make the tournament no matter what. Conference isn’t nearly strong enough for that right now. Michigan barely made it in at 10-8 and OSU missed at 11-7 last year. According to KenPom right now, the conference quality is about the same as last year. Although we’d really have to delve deep into RPI to get a true idea of how many bids the B10 has.


I never liked how some people consider whatever conference wins the challenge to be the better conference.


I don’t think there’s even a debate this year. ACC is the best conference in basketball by far, bruh.


I don’t think there’s any question that the ACC is the better conference this year.


I predict a huge blowout. North Carolina by 25 points.


I’ll bet you 3 forum respect points.


Enjoy watching NC destroy.


Well, Spike didn’t have 17 first half points against Louisville…bummer…


Looks like this is what’s going down in the first half! Only six three point attempts in the half and only four by their wings. We aren’t letting them swing the ball.


Well that sucks. Losing at home to VA Tech is one that we’ll wish we had back toward the end of the year.


We got away from everything that was working in the early parts of the game near the end. Too much Irvin iso…


Poor defense in the 2nd half. Knew our shooting #'s would fall off but we didn’t guard well enough in the 2nd half. Honestly, we lost the game at the foul line. We fouled too much and didn’t get to the line hardly at all.

Wilson was the biggest culprit. He committed 4 loose ball fouls trying to get offensive rebounds which he had little chance of getting. I’m not sold on him at all. He looked great in NYC but has done little since. For all supposed defensive versatility, smalls drive right by him on the switch. He also hasn’t gotten the traffic rebounds he did at the start of the season. Not sure what he brings to the table offensively.

Nice game by Robinson, Irvin and Wagner offensively. Robinson drew four charges I believe. Wagner had some great offensive moves. Not sure why Donnal played so much considering he did nothing.

Walton still frustrates me. He can’t make a 2 pt basket. He’s 3/17 on the season. Good all around player but has severe limitations in the half court offense.


…well at least some will be glad we got Teske/Simpson/Ibi some minutes…


MUAHAHAHAHAHA the 3 respect points I’m getting out of this is totally worth the blowout loss.


Nothing is worse than watching donnal have games like this when we have a much better player in Wagner. Teske out played donnal tonight. Just a matter of time for him to have a game like this. I also have no idea why Simpson didn’t see the floor more. MAAR seems to put up the exact same numbers no matter if he plays 20 minutes or 40. He needs to be our sixth man. I’d love to see Simpson start and bring MAAR off the bench. Simpson played very well tonight and since Walton only shoots 3s anyway, him being out shooting guard would benefit us a bit. Simpson seems pretty good at running our offense just hasn’t gotten the aggressiveness or confidence to attack yet. MAAR still can’t pass or get people open and his attacking style is best coming off the bench. It’s frustrating seeing donnal play when I could tell the first 2 possessions that his night was going to be worthless. It just gets so old. I’d like to give teske the backup minutes and see if he can handle 15 min a night. We clearly are what we are and the only
Way our ceiling changes is by our younger guys getting better, why not give them a chance. MAAR got blown by all
Night on defense and starting Simpson puts a better defender on the floor and Walton off the ball. We can’t keep doing the same things and especting different results.


I hate Indiana.