Best of JB Era- Pick Em

Burke, Stu, Manny, Smot, Morgan

Only one defensive weakness in Smot, two shooters in Smot and Stu, two guys that can create or have the offense run through them and a solid fundamental big man that can defend and run the floor.

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Second choice:
Wilson (3)

Waltons shooting plays up while manny and nik initiate the offense. Wilsons length mitigates donnals post weakness some(or it should)

Crazy town:
X (1)
Stauskas (5)
Manny (3)
Donnal (1)

I feel you need stauskas, Burke, or mcgary. Their college best was sooooo good.
You need to avoid adding vogrich, smotrycz, or horford.

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PG - Trey Burke ($5)
SG - Matt Vogrich ($1)
SF - Zak Irvin ($2)
PF - Evan Smotrycz ($2)
C - Mitch McGary ($5)

The magic between Trey and Mitch as unreal during our run to the championship game. Zak is an excellent support player, Smotz helps spread the floor, and Vogrich brings the funk. If you could guarantee me a full year of a healthy McGary + Burke, then this lineup is unstoppable.

Burke should really be on every team. He was the National Player of the Year. He is worth more like $8 and you’re getting him for 5. The difference between Burke and Walton is far greater (IMO) than the difference between Irvin and Harris or Wilson and Smotrycz. The dude was that good.

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I think Manny at $3 is the best value. He was super competitive, good all around player, and averaged 16-17-18ppg.