Beilein Appreciation Thread


I don’t know if it’s him being ahead of the curve, but he just values different things. We don’t crash the offensive boards, but we typically have good transition defense as a result. We recruit more skilled players for the post, which hurts our rebounding often but results in a highly efficient offense. JB will take open threes over post looks all day.

JB doesn’t build or run his team in a traditional fashion. Traditional coaches are going to value those traditional metrics like rebounding and points in the paint. JB will let them succeed in those areas and hurt them in others.


Earlier in the year, rumors were the game had passed Coach Beilein by, now he seems to have passed the game. Quite a see saw affair. Crazy how a coach can be so incompetent, then turn it ariound.


Yes, I think a lot of Beilein critics just don’t understand what he is trying to do. Opposing coaches do, though.


He was actually just lapping the field.


I guess I see a trend his way. If I look around the NBA offenses or hear Donlon mention the NBA teams that come to Ann Arbor to talk offense with Beilein it seems ahead of the curve.


I think he was ahead of the game years ago. But CBB/NBA has been trending toward spread and shoot for a while now.


We all credit Donlon for improving the defense of this team. I think that we should show some appreciation to Saddi Washington after today’s game. The two bigs put on a show few would imagine 5 months ago.


He’s still better at it than most of his peers though. We’re up to #3 on KenPom in offensive efficiency.


Oh absolutely. One of the best offensive coaches in the game, any level.


Coach B has dropped “analytics” several times in his tournament interviews. There’s a method to his madness. When it doesn’t work, it can look awful and fans can pull their hair out and scream for a more traditional coach. When it does work, though, it’s a beautiful thing and is the envy of the basketball world.

Look out, Ducks!


Yeah he’s been very interest/focused on analytics for at least the last two years I think. Hearing him talking about it “being a game of possessions” was music to my ears. Shows that he gets the concepts.


How silly do the people look who said a healthy Levert all year wouldn’t have meant anything last year. The trurnaround we’ve made, that seemed to come overnight, is pretty unbelievable. Who’s to say it wouldn’t have happened last year?


I like the mentions of analytics too. I wonder how much of that he applies in player evaluation. This is where I think he is exceptional in terms of maximizing/developing the talent he has.