B1G's Top Players at Each Postition


I am not saying that either of them should be on the list. I am saying Gavin Schilling should not be near it.


I would agree that Schilling shouldn’t be on the list. But the mere fact that he (or Mark/Mo) ‘could’ shows how weak the 5 could be in the B1G this year, after losing Costello/Davis, Stone, Woodbury, Olah, and Hammons. My list would be Happ, Bryant, Haas, Mo, Trevor Thompson…then Finke, Dodd, Schilling.

I would say UofM could have a lot to gain from a down year for the B1G 5s, since that is usually a weakness for us.


What has mo or donnal done? Schilling is way more proven. I’d say Bryant happ haas dodd maverick Morgan. I love mo and donnal but that’s pure biased. Mo had 4 good games and donnal was serviceable for the most part


Mike Thorne will be a top 5 center


I like schilling a lot more than you guys apparently. I always thought he played hard, finished well and was a solid big man. I’d be happy teaming him with Wagner. That is unless donnall gets mentally tougher and adds a lot of consistency. Donnall has a skill set to be a nice scoring option/ face up/ pick and pop. If I was donnall I’d work on explosion non stop, so he would finish quicker and stronger with more dunks.


Donnal had a much more productive season, in basically every category (minutes played, points, fg%, 3s made, ft%, rebounds, blocks, steals, and TOs) than Schilling. And if putting freshmen on the list is fair game, and theyve never produced anything at the collegiate level, then I think projecting Mo, a player who has produced in college and the B1G, is also fair.


I dont remember him, did he get hurt early?


He is on Illinois and Was granted a 6th year recently. Yes he got hurt after a pretty good start to the year. He should be pretty close to a double double guy.


Donnal had those 2 games where he broke out for 25 against Maryland and 26 at Illinois. Schilling’s career high is 14. Idk about “way more proven”, they basically both get garbage buckets around the rim. Schilling much more physical but Donnal more skilled


I see Schilling as a no skill guy who is foul prone. He does have athletic ability.