2023 NBA Draft Discussion

One of the very hardest things about being a twin, I have witnessed, is other people’s expectations of similitude, the little measurements constantly being taken. Some twins can wear it lightly. Some struggle. You can never get far away.

it is so weird that two of the 2022 b1g poy lottery guys had twin brothers who played way less for the same team

I LOL’d but the Davis bros are fraternal whereas the Murray’s are identical.

I’m not aware of any identical twins in the nba so they’ll be charting new ground. Big time for genetics researchers. Nature vs. nurture

The talk has always been that Kris’ personality is a lot more passive and I guess that kind of shows in the numbers too.

His rate stats are all very similar but he’s at a normal usage rate and not the sort of leveled up POTY usage rate that Keegan had.

Just a bit less aggressive in hunting his offense.

Seems like someone you take in the mid to late first and feel pretty good about. Basically drafting him is hitting a single without a ton of home run upside.


The Morris twins are identical and I think Horace and Harvey Grant were too.

Duh don’t know how I forgot the Morris bros

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Robin and Brook Lopez are identical twins, aren’t they?

Yes I’m an idiot and should not have posted that at 8 am


Also the Martin twins, lol.

@kturnup was probably tired from dad duties. He gets a pass on this one!


Amen and Ausar Thompson are coming soon too. Plus the Boozer boys in a few years. Twins are going to be all the rage in the NBA


Well Robin and Brook are evidence that jump shots aren’t genetic


Maybe the Davis brothers can be a G League thing

The Morris twins were the ones I was thinking of personally, given that I’ve watched both of them as pistons. They are different players, but not wildly so. I thought Keegan was a low ceiling pick at number four, but outside the lottery getting high floor guy at that size and and with that shooting is great. The fact that someone with his exact DNA is already in the league makes it even lower risk. I am not surprised if he’s back end of the lottery.

Maybe they can track down the Harrison brothers drinking in some dusty saloon and call them out for a pair of dirty low-down yellow-bellies.


Somebody make them go away. If Jett wasn’t so highly regarded nobody would even be watching these Michigan games to get a good look at Kobe


I’m really hoping that Kobe doesn’t quite land on their radar and/or doesn’t quite have the urgency to become a 2nd rounder fighting for a spot. As much progress as he’s made, there are still a few red flags in his game from an NBA point of view. While 6-3 is a good size, he doesn’t have elite height or athleticism by NBA standards - just average. As a shooting guard you sort of, well, need to shoot. I think he’s going to get there next year but he’s not an elite athlete, defender, or shooter so you’re not quite as sure he has one marketable NBA skill like Houstan (shooting/height) or Diabate (athleticism).

At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself as he’s torching fools the next 8 games and playing his way into the NBA conversation. lol.


I definitely wouldn’t use the term “shooting guard” … Feels a bit antiquated. Bufkin could go in the big playmaker category with guys like JHS, Anthony Black, etc. Guards who have “point guard skills” not shooting wings.

Of course shooting still matters but that’s the fun part in trying to project forward. As an example:

One guy is 28-of-67 from three (42% on 32% of attempts) and shoots 69% at the line (45 attempts).

The other guy is 21-of-72 from deep (29% on 32% of attempts) but shoots 83% at the line (52 attempts).

The obvious answer is just the guy that shoots 42% from deep, but probability wise there is a significantly smaller gap if you are thinking about who is going to be the better shooter in 2 years.


I totally agree…but let’s tell all the NBA people that the first guy is a better shooter so the second guy figures out his shooting while still in college next year. :slight_smile:

I do think Kobe is going to get hot from three at some point. I can’t watch him smoothly drain those 18 foot shots off the dribble and not think he will figure out how to hit threes. But we’re over 100 shots now in his two years (still small, but getting meaningful) and shooting 27%. I just want him to get hot while he’s at Michigan. I think he has a chance to be really good next year.


Is his rebounding really worse than his D? Also isn’t a C a passing grade!?

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